14 Trendy Nail Polish Colors Perfect for Fall

One of the reliably fun things to do every fall is chose your go-to, trendy nail polish colors to usher in autumn

Fall and Winter Nail Polish Trends 2020

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One of the reliably fun things to do every fall is chose your go-to, trendy nail polish colors to usher in autumn. While we all might feel like throwing 2020 right in the trash heap, there are still these little things we are looking forward to as we near the end of the year. Like all the fun stuff that comes with summer transitioning to fall. The tasty treats, cozy layered fashion, and of course, the sumptuous beauty shades that signal fall and winter.

While we will always gravitate towards rich burgundy, inky black, classic navy, and other such dark seasonal hues when the temperatures drop, there are certain colors that will be in vogue specifically for Fall and Winter 2020. To keep you on the pulse of trending nail polish hues, here are 14 nail colors you are bound to see everywhere in autumn.

Milk Chocolate

While you’re sipping on hot chocolate come fall, you’ll probably want to add the rich color on your nails. This cozy deep hue is a great alternative for black nails, and it’s going to be trending for the season. You can opt for a polish with a metallic finish, go straight chocolate, or finish with an also on-trend matte topcoat.

People of Color Beauty Mother of Earth, Available at peopleofcolorbeauty.com, $12


Earthy Green


Fall is all about celebrating the changing leaves, the green trees, and the very best of nature. It’s no surprise, then, that earthy greens will be trending for nail polish colors this autumn. You will see everything from lighter grassy greens, to deep forest hues.

Pear Nova Pineapple Skies, Available at pearnova.com, $13.50


Elevated Nude

Nude nail polish will always be a simply chic option. But this fall, the neutral hues are more complicated and beautiful. Think pinky nudes, sandy nudes, and other versions that add just a little bit of fashionable oomph to the classics. This is probably our fave trend for trendy nail polish colors this fall!

Ella + Mila Stonehearted, Available at ellamila.com, $10.50


Dark Teal

In general, you will see wondrous shades of blues and greens everywhere this upcoming season. Within that trend is the specific color trend of dark teal. The moody yet fun hue looks great with fall fashion, popping against warm oranges and offering a pop opposite browns, greys, black, and white.

OPI Drama at La Scala, Available at opi.com, $10.50


Deep Red

One of the most enduring nail polish trends is wearing deep dark reds, like burgundy during fall. They’re dramatic, rich, and go with practically everything. For Fall and Winter 2020, you will see some different interpretations of dark reds, like rusty shades, and of course that classic burgundy.

Morgan Taylor Take the Lead, Available at amazon.com, $9.50


Sophisticated Orange

Pantone’s Amberglow is an “autumnal orange” that is key for fall and winter. It’s no surprise, then that nail polishes have joined in on celebrating several sophisticated shades of orange. You’ll see a lighter cider version, pumpkin, and toasty rusty hues.

Essie Kaf-Tan, Available at beyondpolish.com, $6.75



Nail polishes in both metallic and shimmer finishes will help your hands sparkle this fall season. Trending are classics like silver, and fun, expected pops like shimmery purple. Opting for a sparkly version of your usual fall and winter nail polish colors is a fun way to change things up just a bit.

Zoya Andrea, Available at zoya.com, $10


Summer Blue

Blues in general will be trending for fall and winter. But you will see lighter and brighter shades usually reserved for spring and summer sticking around for the colder months. These cheery colors are just what we need for the rest of the year, offering a pop of color for neutral outfits and tired days.

Essie Waterfall in Love, Available at essiecom, $


Bright Red

You’ll have fun opting for several different shades of red nail polish in fall and winter 2020. You can start off the season with trending bright red polish, and go for a deep wine hue for winter. Or vice versa!

Ella + Mila Paint the Town Red, Available at ellamilla.com, $10.50


Berries and Bold Pinks

If red is not your thing, or you want something a bit more moody, why not opt for trending berry hues and bold pinks? Deborah Lippmann came out with a Very Berry set, that encompasses six shades of berry, from Strawberry Fields Forever (a “full coverage bright strawberry creme), to Boys N Berries (a “full coverage deep boysenberry creme).

Deborah Lippmann Very Berry set, Available at deborahlippmann.com, $36



Have a nail polish shade you love to opt for in autumn? Give it a trendy remix by applying a coat of glitter polish over it. Glitter is definitely going to be on trend for both fall and winter. Or, you can get a perfect color that already is brimming with sparkly glitter to celebrate the holiday season.

Smith & Cult Glass Souls, Available at smallflower.com, $18


Slate Grey

Grey is the perfect middle ground between winter white and sleek black. It’s also a trend for nails for fall and winter of this year. Slate grey is one of the go-to colors of the season, a neutral that always looks cool and a bit edgy.

OPI Suzi Talks With Her Hands, Available at opi.com, $10.50


Rosy Mauve

Love the rosy hues of spring? There’s no need to let them go when fall and winter roll around. In fact, rosy mauve will be trending for nails this year. It’s the perfect combo of a feminine warm hue, and a unique neutral.

Butter London Toff, Available at butterlondon.com, $18



Classic nautical navy is not only a traditional go-to for autumn and winter, but it’s also trending for the seasons! It looks fabulous on short nails, and is the perfect backdrop for some cool nail art. Try navy different ways by opting for metallic/glitter/shimmer, regular, and matte versions.

Butter London Brolly, Available at butterlondon.com, $18

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