Donald Trump Doesn't Think Puerto Rico
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Here’s the Pathetic Way President Donald Trump Celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month

In President Donald Trump’s warped little mind we are somehow supposed to take his words about how much he loves Hispanics, while at the same time bashing our community. Trump was in full force yesterday as he welcomed a group of Latinos (once again) to the White House to ring in the start of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Today, as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we share our gratitude for all the ways Hispanic-Americans make our country flourish and prosper. Today, and every day, we honor, cherish, and celebrate Hispanic-American Workers, Families, Students, Businesses, and Leaders…” he shared via Twitter.

His boasting included Latino veterans, business leaders, and White House officials who were in attendance but in true Trump fashion he of course had to make fun of Latino names.

“With us today is Irina Vilariño,” Trump said as he introduced a Miami business woman. “How do you like that?  Was that good?   They wanted me to get that little emphasis on the ‘O.'” Wow, really?

He later introduced Joel Garza, the owner of 45 Sonic Burger franchises. Garza spoke about how much he appreciated the tax reform and also about he was able to borrow money for his business.

Then Trump chimes in with: “Make sure you pay back the money.” He really cannot help himself.

Of course, the real punch in the face came when Trump once again talked about the amazing job he did in Puerto Rico.

“I want to thank Luis [Puerto Rico’s Lieutenant Governor, Luis Marín] for his partnership with our agencies during the unprecedented disaster that you saw what happened, and everybody saw what happened — the recovery and all of the efforts we made in Puerto Rico,” Trump said. “It’s been an incredible, tough situation.  But we fought, and we are winning that one big.  And I want to thank you, Luis, and everybody.  I want to thank you and the people of Puerto Rico.  And we stand with Puerto Rico, and we are helping them to rebuild stronger and better than ever before.  And that’s what’s happening too.  Thank you.”

Really? Trump is helping rebuild Puerto Rico? Where are the receipts? We weren’t the only ones appalled by Trump’s attempt at being sincere and genuine toward the Latino community. Here’s what others on social media had to say.