Photo: Unsplash/@hannahrdg

Trump Offers Money to Notre Dame, but Won’t Help Flint or Puerto Rico

Hours after the Cathedral of Notre Dame went up in flames in Paris, and millionaires offered to give donations to rebuild, people on social media tweeted reminders that black churches in the U.S. had also been destroyed in deliberate fires and that they needed help rebuilding too. Yesterday, the White House released a statement offering condolences to the people of Paris and also said they would assist in rebuilding the church. That did not go over well with people on social media.

People were astounded at the fact that the White House would offer to give Paris money when the U.S. government has not helped the relieve the people of Flint, Michigan of their ongoing water crisis. They also said that the White House should be giving that money to Puerto Rico as they too are still in the middle of restabilizing after Hurricane Maria.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement that the U.S. would offer “assistance in the rehabilitation of this irreplaceable symbol of Western civilization.”

She also added, “The United States stands with French citizens, the city of Paris, and the millions of visitors from around the world who have sought solace in that iconic structure. The Cathedral has served as a spiritual home for almost a millennium, and we are saddened to witness the damage to this architectural masterpiece. Notre Dame will continue to serve as a symbol of France, including its freedom of religion and democracy.”

Contributions for the rebuilding of Notre Dame has reached more than $600 million, which is making some people on social media say that the Catholic church doesn’t need more help, and others in the U.S. do.

Journalist Erin Biba ‏ said on Twitter, “Notre Dame has already received something like $675 million in donations since yesterday, including an offer of help from the U.S government but it’s only just now — years late — that Flint is getting the necessary funding. Our priorities are fucked.”

Another reporter, Mythili Sampathkuma, said, “But Congress can’t pass a relief package for Puerto Rico, FL, TX, NC, the Midwest and hasn’t done anything about Flint or the churches in Louisiana. And I have special memories of Notre Dame, but French billionaires and the Vatican got it handled.”

It’s important to note that the majority of people do want the Notre Dame to be rebuild. We know this church meant a lot to countless of people. However, people are suffering right here at home who could use that money badly. If the U.S. government is offering to lend a hand, why wouldn’t they offer that to their very own citizens right here? It makes no sense.