15 TV Shows and Films That Need Latinx Remakes

With all the reboots of iconic films and TV shows happening right now, I couldn’t help but think about some of the productions I would want to see again. But, of course, updated and infused with the Latinidad we love, and which is seriously lacking on both the small and big screens. Which shows and movies would you want to see remade with Latinos in the cast? Producers take notes!

I reimagined 15 such television shows and films, that I thought would benefit from Latinx characters, played by Latinx actors. Some selections are reality shows that delve into everyday topics like music and fashion but with the experiences of Latinxs added in a bit more, or completely, to enhance our representation in these areas. By doing so, we also change the whole tone of the show and give it a different dimension, a different flavor, and therefore make it into something completely new.




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