7 #TweetYourTamales Pictures That Will Fill You Up With Latino Pride

#TweetYourTamales lit up Twitter this holiday weekend after The New Yorker published “The Comfort of Tamales at the End of 2017

Photo: Unsplash/@taiscaptures

Photo: Unsplash/@taiscaptures

#TweetYourTamales lit up Twitter this holiday weekend after The New Yorker published “The Comfort of Tamales at the End of 2017.” Writer Gustavo Arellano wrote this stellar piece of our age-old tradition of making tamales with our loved one, and how despite all the crap that Latinos have endured this year thanks to the Trump administration, tamales brings it all back home.

“At the end of 2017, a year of persistent chaos and anxiety for Mexican-Americans, tamales are a special kind of comfort food, and the tamalada a time for reflection,” Gustavo writes. “A friend recently told me that she and her sisters did their tamalada on Black Friday instead of Christmas this year, ‘because we just wanted a time-out.’ Her husband had lost his job in the fall; she had taken to driving a Lyft. ‘I’m just stress-eating tamales right now,’ she told me.”

Gustavo’s story blew up on social media and other Latinos just wanted to share their own tamal story and pictures. While #TweetYourTamales seems to have started back in 2014, by Gustavo, the hashtag has renewed thanks to his story once again.

Personally I didn’t have any tamales this holiday, but that’s what happens when you spend Christmas with the non-Latino in-laws. So this hashtag definitely had me missing home.


I wrote about the special tradition of making tamales with loved ones a couple of years ago. And, while Mexican-made tamales seem to be the most popular, or at least the most widely sold, the hashtag shows that a tamal is as unique as and diverse as our culture. We saw tamales from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Brazil, you name it.

Here’s some of our favorite #TweetYourTamales tweets.


Hot tamales

Guatemalan tamales

The breakfast tamal

With a side of champurrado

The Brazilian tamal

The leftovers

Chile & pork

Do you have any tamal stories you’d like to share?

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