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Uber Will Offer Free Rides on Election Day

Uber has announced that on Election Day, November 6, all users will automatically have access to free rides to their polling stations upon opening the Uber app. In addition, the company has already added some in-app resources to help users who still need to register to vote as well as a feature that will help riders locate their polling place as late as the day of.

“Using our technology and resources, we can help make it easier for every Uber rider in the U.S. to get to their polling place at the push of a button,” said Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, in a press release. The company has partnered with organizations #VoteTogether and Democracy Works to provide the complimentary rides and When We All Vote to assist with voter registration.

Uber is even extending its efforts to drivers and delivery partners by emailing voter registration information to all of them and hosting voter registration drives at more than 125 of its U.S. Greenlight Hub (driver/employee resource centers) locations throughout the country between now and Election Day.

Users will not have to do anything in advance of Election Day — a “Get to the Polls” button will immediately launch upon opening the app on November 6, so riders can access the free ride with just a few clicks whenever they are ready to go vote.

It’s long been known that access to information and physically getting people out their doors and to their polling places are two of the biggest barriers to high voter turnout, so reminders from such a large platform and not having to worry about costs could potentially be quite impactful in markets where Uber is available.

“Decisions get made by those who show up. This Election Day, Uber will be doing what we can to make it easier for people to do just that. On November 6, I hope everyone does one thing: vote!” said Khosrowshahi.

If you live in a place where Uber is available, be sure to take advantage of the free transportation and let your friends and family know too — it’s one less reason we all have for skipping the vote.