28 Rights Every Undocumented Immigrant Should Know They Have

Photo: @elwingbling/Instagram

One of the most important things you should learn in the United States are your rights. This is especially true if you are an immigrant, and it’s crucial if you are an undocumented immigrant. There are a lot of people who are banking on and benefiting from you not knowing your rights. This is how injustice goes unchecked, and how so many undocumented immigrants are stopped, detained, and deported illegally and unjustly. And in the process, these immigrants are missing out on rights and benefits that were always owed to them.

The antidote to this un-American social poison is educating ourselves about what our rights are, and sharing this information so that others know their rights as well. These points should have a spotlight shined on them so that no one can ever get away with targeting and taking advantage of undocumented immigrants and their fear ever again. Knowledge is power, so let’s get stronger as a people by learning about these 28 rights undocumented immigrants have in the United States.




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