‘East Los High’: 5 Moments We’ll Never Forget

My heart shattered into a million pieces when I heard East Los High was coming to an end, and what was worse — we wouldn’t even be getting a full season to say our proper goodbyes. (Like, hello, there was a lot to wrap up after season 4!) Instead, after four seasons, Hulu decided that East Los High would wrap with a one hour series finale special. Sigh.

East Los High was unlike any other show. It was the first English-language series to feature an all-Latino cast. It also gave opportunities to Latino writers. East Los High centered on what it’s like growing up Latino in the U.S. — in East L.A. to be exact. These are stories that aren’t often told, but deserve so much attention. East Los High also served as somewhat of a guidance tool for teenagers. Sex was always tackled in a way that reminded teens the importance of safe sex, but it never felt preachy. The series also touched on abortion, teen pregnancy, undocumented immigrants, drugs, domestic violence, LGBTQ issues, and the list goes on.

We’re thankful for having had a show like ELH, and with the series finale now airing on Hulu, we’re reflecting on seasons 1-4 and the moments we’ll never forget.

The Bomb Squad rally at graduation

5 Top Moments From 'East Los High' HipLatina

At the beginning of season 4, the Bomb Squad comes together to get Eddie released from an immigration detention center, and raise awareness around undocumented immigrants. They hit the graduation stage wearing chains and shirts that said “Stop the Raids” and “Not One More.” They not only helped with Eddie’s release, they also provided an important lesson around deportation raids and what it’s like living as an undocumented immigrant (a theme that comes to light often in the series).




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