These Are the Only Valentine’s Day Gifs You Need to Send to Your Love

There’s no need to be basic this Valentine’s Day

Photo: Unsplash/@viazavier

Photo: Unsplash/@viazavier

There’s no need to be basic this Valentine’s Day. We’re living in a digital era so rather than spending $5 on a card that will end up in a landfill somewhere, consider sending you crush, boo, or galentine one of these dope gifs. We can all stand to skip on the chocolate and flowers and think outside the box for a creative and fun new spin on this holiday. We promise these super cute, pop culture gifs say it all.

Cardi B’s classic red carpet moment at the 2018 Grammys helps put a whole new meaning on V-Day!

We know Drake loves his bed, so this declaration is MAJOR.

Any reason to use this pic of The Rock is a cause for celebration.

Heat things up like Cardi and Ozuna this Valentine’s Day.

Because you know, my love don’t cost a thing and all. 😉

Do I want your love or just a De La Rosa Mazapan? You may never know.

And if you play your cards right, this Valentine’s Day might end with the perfect treat.

All I know, is this V-Day you better get ready to heat things up!

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