Vans Releases Three Special Edition Frida Kahlo Shoes

Ever slipped into some Frida’s? In a few days, you’ll get that chance

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Ever slipped into some Frida’s?

In a few days, you’ll get that chance. On June 29 Vans will release Vans x Frida Kahlo collection that includes three Frida vans all featuring the Frida vibe. Now the name of the shoes is a whole other story. They’re tagged as the OG Sk8-Hi LX, the OG Authentic LX, and the OG Slip-On LX. We have no idea what that means, but we can describe what they look like. You’ll either want the ones with a portrait of Frida, in her original painting form,  the two Fridas on a high-top, or the Frida’s watermelon tennis shoes. Or you can score all three!

“This fall, Vault by Vans introduces a truly unique collection of footwear honoring painter, Frida Kahlo. Known best for her self-portraits and works deeply inspired by the nature and indigenous culture of Mexico, the Vault by Vans x Frida Kahlo collection brings a carefully curated selection of Kahlo’s paintings to life on Vans classics,” the site states.

The collection is a licensed product of the Frida Kahlo Corporation, which as we know is the company that has licensed Frida’s work on a slew of products which includes menstrual pads, a makeup line, accessories, Barbie, and a ton more. So if you’re a bit worn down by the overexposure of Frida’s work by a company that is in a constant legal battle with another Frida descendent, then you may choose not to get these shoes at all. It’s really a tough call especially because we love our Mexican artist queen and we also love wearing Vans!

One woman on Twitter said, “Vans is gonna take all my money apparently. I mean yes Frida Kahlo probably wouldn’t have liked this but damn it, I do.” While another said, “LEAVE FRIDA ALONE!”

So what do you think? Will you get them?

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