5 Protein-Filled Foods Every Vegetarian Should Know About

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I am not a strict vegetarian, but I do try to minimize the amount of animal products that I eat. My experience is that the less animal products I eat, the more energy I have. Generally it can be pretty simple to substitute any type of meat in a dish by simply keeping an extra can of beans in the cabinet or marinating tofu in the morning to fry up for dinner later that night. Because I love food I am always looking for new types of proteins that are plant based, below are some of my favorite items to cook vegetarian meals with. Try out a recipe or two yourself and see how it goes! If you want a good BBQ sauce for any of these proteins, you can use my BBQ sauce recipe.

vegan jackfruit pulled "pork" sandwich

Jackfruit. This is the best kept secret in vegetarian cooking. Originally cultivated in India thousands of years ago, the Jackfruit tree is now grown in tropical climates all over the world. The tree produces fruit pods, similar to bananas or coconuts called jackfruit. Jackfruit is high in fiber and is a great protein alternative to meat. It can be prepared in recipes similar to pulled pork. You can buy fresh jackfruit at most ethnic grocery stores, Whole Foods also sells canned jackfruit which is easy to prepare at home. Try preparing it like you would pulled pork and then eat it on some tacos or as a sandwich. You will not be disappointed!

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