Vida Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Strap-Ons, Snitches, and Secrets

Last time on Vida, Lyn and Emma were finally getting along

Photo: Instagram/vida_starz

Photo: Instagram/vida_starz

Last time on Vida, Lyn and Emma were finally getting along. But if you watch Vida regularly, you know that’s not going to last. Here’s what happened:

That Opening Sex Scene

Sex is never tucked away or hidden in the shadows or under the sheets on Vida. We’ve talked about some of the sex scenes on this show before, and in episode six, they take it up a notch. Remember when Lyn was upset because Councilman Rudy was having some trouble while they were having sex? Now we definitely know why: The Councilman enjoys a good pegging (that is when a woman penetrates a man while she wears a strap-on), and he prefers to be called Senator (or even Mr. President) while it’s happening. Hey, different strokes for different folks!

Nico Was The Rat

Remember a couple of episodes ago, the bar had a rat problem, and I mentioned that might allude to something later on? Well, Nico also happened to show up at the bar at the same time. And while I can’t be certain, we do find Nico to be a bit of a snitch this time around. She inadvertently witnesses Lisa stealing from the register — this was just after Nico heard Emma complaining about coming up short on their finances. Nico knows that snitching goes against “bar code,” but maybe it’s her (obvious to us) attraction to Emma that causes her to rat out Lisa. Whatever the case, now that Emma fired Lisa, Nico will have to deal with regular death glares from Eddy (who already didn’t like or trust her to begin with).

The Wokest Couple?

While Mari’s pretty knowledgeable regarding issues of gentrification and all, she still seems to be pretty naive about men. She ends up skipping a meeting of Vigilantes to go hang with Tlaloc, who starts rapping at her about how she needs to “decolonize (her) diet, decolonize (her) mind.” In theory, yes, decolonizing everything you can in your life can serve a purpose (or at the very least, it can educate you about the far-reaching effects of colonialism). But it seems more like Tlaloc just trying to act woke as his “schtick” to get girls… and shortly after he says that he more or less pressures Mari into oral sex, so I’m not falling for the act.

Lyn’s Fall From Grace and Emma’s Ongoing Torment

Lyn’s at the top of her game when this episode began. She’s excited to put together the bar’s music series. She’s also become friends with Marcos, which is a match made in heaven for sure. But toward the end of the episode, Emma finds out Lyn’s dirtiest secret yet: she’s racked up $14k in fraudulent credit card debt, and has no way or plan to pay.

While Emma had been doing what she could to give Lyn the benefit of the doubt, at this point she’s at a loss. In a quiet rage, she storms past Lyn to get outside. While Lyn realizes the magnitude of her mistake, Emma sits alone outside, seething at her sister’s ineptitude. She looks up at the mural on the wall and sees the image of her mother as a child as if mocking her once more from beyond the grave.  

Final Notes

Lyn calling Emma’s CD collection “rainbow flag music” is pure gold. But really, who wouldn’t want to listen to Le Tigre, MIA, AND Tracy Chapman on the same car ride?!

The idea that Don Fuli was Emma’s real dad seemed like a strange aside. Will that become a bigger thing later on? And frankly, would Emma care considering he’s dead anyway and so is her mother?

The entire final sequence with Maria del Pilar’s music holding it all together in the background was pure gold.

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