Photo: Unsplash/@a_mfelipe

People Flock to Pray at Crying Our Lady of Guadalupe In New Mexico

Do you believe in miracles? Whatever your level of cynicism is, it seems as if people need any kind of hope they can get right now. People are lining up to see Our Lady of Guadalupe at a New Mexico church who appears to be crying. Now, before you blow this off as a hoax or some kind of gimmick, the tears that have been appearing on the face of the Virgin Mary have been tested.

According to The Washington Post, an investigator with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces — who gathered samples from the bronze statute — the liquid is a form of scented oil that is used to anoint parishioners. The tears began appearing on May 20, and even though the oil gathered from the statue is very common to be inside churches, no one understands how it got there, and continues to appear.

“It’s something extraordinary for him,” Judy Ronquillo, the business manager for the church, told the Post about the how the priest is feeling over the crying Mary. “He has no words for it. There was a moment when it happened that he didn’t believe,” she added, “but now he believes.”

Others believe as well. Many people have come to worship at the church and see for themselves something that is unexplainable.

“I’ve read most of those written testimonies, and they are stories of tremendous faith, people who have been dealing with terrible suffering in their lives and have felt a tremendous spiritual consolation that Mary walks with us in our tears,” Bishop Oscar Cantu, of the diocese, told the Las Cruces Sun News. “I can’t help but think of my own shedding of tears for the poor people who come to our border, fleeing life-threatening situations. The tears of those children who are separated from their parents. There are many reasons we would shed tears, and God stands with us in those moments.”

For whatever reason this is happening, and it doesn’t matter why, really. A little faith never hurt anyone.