Virgo Full Super Moon Brings Relief After Mercury Retrograde

Feelings of angst have likely muddled your reality since Mercury began its retrograde on Feb


Feelings of angst have likely muddled your reality since Mercury began its retrograde on Feb. 17th. You’ve likely been undergoing ego shadow work during this retrograde season. If it hasn’t stirred such, kudos to you. The rest of us are doing our best to make sense of the lack of clarity and all these unexplainable emotions that have surfaced like a dense cloud before the storm. This Virgo full moon is opposite both the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. In short, the hidden will be revealed.

Neptune is the ruler of the unseen; energy. She is active in the sky at this moment and a major contributor to this Virgo full moon. This is a highly perceptive time coming out of a Mercury retrograde that likely put you at a standstill. Get ready for your avalanche. Come March 9th, this full moon in Virgo is the predecessor to unlocking clarity and forward movement. Mercury stations direct on March 10th in Aquarius, which exemplifies this full moon in Virgo favorable for making decisions and action plans. Likely, this full moon will automatically shift your logical mind into a stable state. After all the hardcore Pisces energy we’ve been sulking in, this full moon will provide a comforting transition back into your practical daily routines.

Earth elemental energy, specifically Capricorn, is still having its “It Girl” moment of the year. Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are plowing away and shoveling seeds of intention contributing to this Virgo (yet again, Earth energy) full moon. You will likely receive major insights into longstanding questions or challenges you haven’t been able to put your finger on. Combine Virgo’s grounded energy, Mercury in Aquarius’ radical nature, and all these planets sitting in Capricorn, and you have yourself the ability to understand how to fidget your way out of uncertainty.

The hidden will be revealed. Neptune is the goddess of energy (what we cannot see with the human eye). She also rules illnesses and viruses in astrology. Virgo rules overall health. From an astrological standpoint, this full super moon could create an inflammation in the exposure of the Corona Virus, but it can also reveal insight into news of possible treatment/cure for COVID-19. Aside from the collective, this is an optimal full moon to begin new healthy lifestyles. Exercising and physical movement will be a wonderful way of grounding yourself with the Virgo full super moon. Avoid undergoing any surgeries during full moon phases when possible, surgery is not advised.

What is a full super moon? This is important to understand. The moon will be closer to Earth creating it’s larger than life image. Aside from its physical features, this super moon will influence you intensely, and more so than the typical full moon. This Virgo full super moon is the first of 4 super moons in 2020. Its widely known that the moon rules water and our ocean’s rhythmic tides. Consider working with water magic and water healing on March 9th and the coming weeks after.

Mutable signs such as Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will experience profound influence. Check where you have these placements in your natal chart. If you carry a Virgo rising or Virgo midheaven in your natal chart there is a positive influence for a career change, increase in money or job promotion during this time.

Amber, amethyst, and fluorite are recommended stones this full moon. Below is a simple three-card tarot spread that I’ve created for you to connect with to deeply understand what obstacles you’re being called to work through with this lunar phase. You can also use this spread with Oracle cards. This is an exercise for card readers of all levels – enthusiasts included.

Virgo Full Super Moon Obstacle Release 3-Card Tarot Spread:

  1. Choose a deck you feel called to work with.
  2. Gather any crystal stones you feel connected with for energy assistance.
  3. Cleanse the energy of your space with any air elements such as ethically sourced palo santo, sage, sweetgrass, etc.
  4. Identify the intention you’re bringing into this tarot session.
  5. Identify a question(s) you wish to have clarified by your higher self that you have been working through.
  6. Call in any higher power for love and protection.
  7. Connect with your tarot deck/oracle deck. You can do this by praying over them or stating an affirmation while shuffling. Feel free to implement your own practice.
  8. Shuffle cards as many times as needed.
  9. Card pull 1: Ask while shuffling, “What is my current dilemma?”
  10. Card pull 2: Ask while shuffling, “What’s been hidden that I need to know to move forward?”
  11. Card pull 3: Ask while shuffling, “Advice I can use for action/solution?”
  12. Connect with the imagery of the cards and all of your five senses to intuitively decipher the message before you.

Enjoy. May you manifest wisely!

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