How to Ground Yourself for the New Moon in Virgo

New moons are symbolic of new beginnings

Art by Johanna Ferreira

Art by Johanna Ferreira

New moons are symbolic of new beginnings. However, don’t jump into planting new seeds of intentions blindly. This Virgo new moon is all about intuition, practicality, and staying grounded as you work your way towards your manifestations.

On Friday, August 30th, embrace the luna’s transition into the earthy sign. Having a plethora of earthy energy in the cosmos will have you rejoicing! This entire year has been an intense cosmic rollercoaster of growth for most. Enter Virgo for some steadfast relief. Earth signs such as Virgo offer up this “down to Earth” (pun intended) and reliable energy. There will be a total of six planets in the sign of Virgo by August 28th, which include Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Juno. Expect intense bursts of creativity and heightened dedication in your professional ambitions.

This is a great new moon to display your expertise by launching that business you developed a business plan for during Leo season. Ready to dedicate yourself towards taking your career to the next level? Expect your analytical abilities, logic, and wit to be at an all-time high. You’ll impress yourself at how laser-focused you can be in order to attain that promotion you rightfully deserve. The difference between the influence of Virgo’s energy as opposed to Leo’s fiery energy is that you will find yourself naturally shifting into the mentality of being an expert in your craft as opposed to an authority in your field. Virgo will inspire you to live a life full of integrity and compassion. Be ready to reap some serious rewards with the next full moon.

Ready to act on your dream? Feeling inspired to voice your opinion? The new moon in Virgo will have you in your feels. Not sappy feels, but your self-empowered, I am a poderosa type feels.

On the other hand, be mindful if you find yourself contemplating every detail before actually making a move. It won’t be uncommon for indecisiveness to creep in over the next two weeks. The only thing getting in your own way this Virgo new moon could be yourself. If you find yourself being overly critical and constantly in your head debating, well, that’s because this is the energy of Virgo’s perfectionism settling in. Remind yourself that there is no room for self-sabotage because you are a woman on a mission. Turns out you are a 100 percent that chica!

Instead, amplify your creativity with the opportunity to practice some grounding exercises. I’ve shared five ways to ground yourself in this Virgo new moon. If you find yourself in a time of second-guessing yourself and not following your intuition with logic, then you’ll want to try one of the exercises below to get you back into focus and centered.

  1. Breathe. This can be a time of high anxiety, which in that case you will want to focus on your breath. You don’t need to be a Yogi to do this. Set aside mindful breathing away from the chaos while focusing on calming the flow of your breath. Taking up guided meditations online can be useful. Hello, YouTube!
  2. Connecting with nature. Go for a quick walk during your breaks or lunch routine. Don’t have time? Spend your weekend mornings hiking or hitting the park to get some vitamin D and fresh air. Vitamin D is known for assisting healthy brain function. You can thank the Sun for that.
  3. Earthing. It’s as easy as walking in your backyard and feeling the grass connect with the soles of your feet. Take it to the next step and meditate on the soil to connect your root chakra to mother Earth.
  4. Integrating crystals at your desk or workplace. If you spend most of your day in an office, bringing a crystal known for grounding can be of tremendous benefit and productivity. Incorporate shungite for mental health, red jasper as a stabilizer, or opal to connect with your spirit guides, also known as your squad, for energy support.
  5. Spiritual bath or Goddess bath. This new moon can manifest in overworking yourself and possibly developing a workaholic attitude. Spiritual baths are a great way to release unwanted energy, stress, and can help you purify your spiritual aura to bring you back to focus.

Practicing grounding techniques will alleviate unwanted stress that can come to this Virgo new moon.

Overall, expect this new moon to usher in a bounty of blessings in your professional and business endeavors.

May you manifest wisely.

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