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10 Latina-Owned Items to Help You With Your Meditation Practice

Nicole Young
As the new year begins cleansing or meditation  practices can help clear out any negative energy and help you on your healing journey in 2023. Luckily, many Latina-owned brands have created tools you need to banish bad energy from your...

Digame: Esoteric Esa is Decolonizing Ancestral Spiritual Practices

Virginia Isaad
Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad aka Esoteric Esa is an astrologer, psychic tarot reader, and bruja and founder of Souliminati. She created the Modern Spiritual Latina oracle and hosts the award-winning podcast, Better Work Bitch! She is dedicated to eliminating the negative misconceptions around...
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Bruja Discusses Stigma Surrounding Brujeria as Spiritual Practice

Virginia Isaad
Brujeria has been long associated with oppression and fear. Brujeria is a Spanish term for witchcraft and carries a heavy personification of equal parts liberation and a tormented ill-dignified reputation. Historically speaking, brujeria is a colonized term used to separate...
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Green Bruja Discusses the Importance of Spiritual Hygiene and Sexual Energy Wellness

Virginia Isaad
When it comes to sex the focus is always the physical but not enough attention is on the energy transference that also happens. Sex feels different with different people for a reason and how you feel afterward is also an...