10 Vitamin C Skincare Products That Fade Dark Spots and Even Skin

Vitamin C skincare for dark spots HipLatina

It’s officially vitamin C day — my favorite beauty holiday ever. There’s a reason why vitamin C has become the skin-care ingredient every dermatologist swears by. It not only leaves you with a visibly brighter complexion, but it also aids in fading dark spots and evening out skin. These skincare needs are especially important for women of color with olive complexions or darker, as we tend to be more prone to developing hyperpigmentation and uneven skin.

If you have brown skin, your chances of developing dark spots especially after a breakout — even if you don’t pick at your pimples — are higher than those with fairer complexions. While sun exposure can often result in sun spots and uneven skin.

“I am a big believer in antioxidants like vitamin C or vitamin E. They help you to prevent a lot of environmental damage to your skin that can influence dark spots,” dermatologist and Dove spokesperson Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton tells HipLatina. “I think of it as armor. You’re putting on your skin armor before you go out in the morning: A cleanser, an antioxidant and sun-protecting moisturizer. You’re hitting the things that are major issues during the day. That’s when you’re going to hit pollution and car exhaust and cigarette smoke, people talking to you all day and spitting on your face, and then the sun. Those are the things that are attacking you when you’re out and we’re just trying not to allow for those free radicals to form in the skin and start breaking down your collagen which can affect dark spots.”

Fortunately, there are a lot of high-quality vitamin C skincare products filling up department store shelves these days that work on all skin types and skin tones — even if you have super sensitive skin like mine! Here’s a look at some of the best vitamin C products for brighter, smoother and much more even skin — check them out!

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