Inside Vogue Mexico’s Photoshoot With ‘Roma’ Actress Yalitza Aparicio

Vogue México y Latinoamérica released their cover star for their January issue, and we are pleased with their amazing decision

Photo: Wikimedia/UN Human Rights

Photo: Wikimedia/UN Human Rights

Vogue México y Latinoamérica released their cover star for their January issue, and we are pleased with their amazing decision. Roma actress Yalitza Aparicio is featured on their cover wearing a Christian Dior gown looking as gorgeous as ever. The first-time actress has been applauded by critics and fans for her role as Cleo, and it’s incredible to see an indigenous woman on such a prestigious magazine.

Aparicio, who says she is now looking to train as an actress (she was previously studying to be a teacher), is from Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, which also happens to be where Roma director Alfonso Cuarón found her during a casting call. That discovery has turned out to be life changing for her, but also for the public. The rarity of this cover that has revived an enormous amount of praise is proof women want to see more people like Aparicio on newsstands.

The magazine spread, which drops Dec. 27, is also accompanied by a video where Aparicio speaks about her culture.

“Let’s talk about me,” she says in the video. “In the role I interpreted in a film that reflects reality. Let’s talk about real women, with nostalgia, memories, passions, and an identity that looks and feels like flor de piel. My skin, very Mexican, very Oaxaqueñan and very human. From the color of my land and the diversity of its colors.”

She goes on to talk about inspiration, family and what motivates her.  “I think the most beautiful thing you can experience in life is to develop and grow through other people, not your own,” Aparicio says.

“When I was younger, I used to dream of being so many different things, and one of them was being a preschool teacher,” Aparicio recalls, but everything changed when she went to that casting call.  “When they would ask me, I would say, ‘I don’t know if I got the role, but I am happy I did it because I discovered new places or I took my mom traveling.”

Aparicio also talked about her influence and how she is changing people’s perceptions. “Certain stereotypes are being broken: that only people with a certain profile can be actresses or be on the cover of magazines. Other faces of Mexico are now being recognized. It is something that makes me so happy and proud of my roots.”

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