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This week we bring you four intrepid Latina travelers who document their adventures on fantastic blogs and social media pages

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Photo: Courtesy of Gloria Apara Nomad Chica

This week we bring you four intrepid Latina travelers who document their adventures on fantastic blogs and social media pages. We hope these independent women inspire you to leave home and discover something new this week, whether you are traveling or out and about in your city.

Damaly Gonzalez

Damaly Gonzalez HipLatina
Photo: Courtesy of Damaly Gonzalez

Damaly Gonzalez, has spent the last several years exploring the globe and reporting back. She’s written extensively about the Caribbean, as well as Europe, New York City, and now Mexico. The millennial Nuyorican from Willamsburg, Brooklyn recently moved to Mexico City to pursue her burgeoning career as an overall lifestyle influencer.


Dash Harris

Dash Harris HipLatina
Photo: Courtesy of Dash Harris

Dash Harris founded AfroLatino Travel after being inspired to tell the stories and participate in the current culture of AfroLatinos throughout the Americas. She combines historical understanding with tourism in a way rarely seen elsewhere.

From our interview with Ms. Harris: “AfroLatino Travel is the premier resource for the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean. We focus on Afro-diasporic social, cultural and community-building exchange, custom itineraries and tours for schools, universities, organizations, groups and individuals. It is an online resource for information, multi-media, travel curation and cultural exchange in the Americas. We provide contextual historical and contemporary content on the African root through photos, text, video, sound and  travel to Afro-descended regions. Our most popular tours are our AfroPanama and AfroCuba tours.”


Olga Maria Czarkowski

Olga Maria HipLatina
Photo: Courtesy of Olga Maria – Dreamsinheels.com

Fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger Olga Maria seeks to empower women through independent travel adventure. Her blog, Dreams in Heels, features articles on such varied subjects as how to stay informed while traveling, which cocktails to make to toast the new season, and what to do when visiting Prague.. We admire Olga’s spirit of adventure and her efforts to encourage other women to explore the globe (she leads international trips for ladies who would otherwise be traveling alone). Olga will be a featured Vlogger on HipLatina every Tuesday.


Gloria Apara

Nomad Chica HipLatina
Photo: Courtesy of Gloria Apara Nomad Chica

Gloria Apara is The Nomadic Chica, a Chilean blogger and globe trotter who wants to share her experiences about standing up to fear and stepping outside her comfort zone in the name of growth and adventure. Read more about her in our interview, or on her site.

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