Meet Wanda Vázquez: 5 Facts about Puerto Rico’s New Governor

Since Ricardo Rosselló announced his resignation as governor of Puerto Rico, the focus has been on his successor, 59-year-old Wanda Vázquez since many are now protesting against the former prosecutor.

Vázquez, who’s set to take over Rosselló‘s position, has limited experience leading government agencies so many believe that leading the administration is a task she may not be equipped or experienced enough to handle. Vázquez is set to become Governor of Puerto Rico on August 2. 

Puerto Rico’s constitution dictates the secretary of state is first in line to take over if the governor resigns. However, Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marín, one of the 12 men who took part in the controversial chat that leaked, resigned July 13 amid the controversy.

In response to the controversy that led to Rosselio’s resignation, Vázquez released a statement saying: “I recognize that the frustrations and pressures of the day-to-day can be expressed in an incorrect way within the privacy of a friendship. But I have to express the deep regret this causes me as a woman, as a mother, as a professional and as a citizen of this beautiful island.”

Soon after the announcement that Vázquez would take over, calls for her resignation began trending on Twitter with the hashtag #WandaRenuncia.

Here are five things you should know about the controversial figure:




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