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11 Gifts for the Wanderlust-Obsessed Person in Your Life

We all know that one friend or family member who is totally wanderlust-obsessed. (That would be me in my circle)! A true traveler will tell you that travel is one of the few things in life which you can spend your money on that makes you richer. This holiday season you can support that fellow traveler in your life, or inspire someone to travel, by giving them a wanderlust themed gift! Not sure what to get? No worries, we compiled a traveler’s wish list to help you out!

Phone Charging Passport Holder

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Photo: Amazon.com

A smart traveler will want to carry less! And this is one of those things that combines two important travel items into one: your passport and your cellphone. Not only does this carrying case strap in your phone, it also charges it! So do not worry about running out of battery for those cute travel photos while you are on the go.

$38 by Lovie Style on Amazon

Rockland Melbourne Carry-On Luggage

Wanderlust Gift Guide HipLatina
Photo: Amazon.com

A good carry on is crucial for any traveler. This 20” expandable luggage will keep all your belongings on the inside nice and organized while looking stylish on the outside. Plus, this bag comes in various colors and styles.

$45 by Rockland on Amazon

Personalized World Travel Map

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Photo: Etsy.com

Make your traveler feel special by buying them this personalized world map. On the compass on the bottom left corner you can customize it with a name and year. Additionally there are a variety of frame styles and colors to choose from. It also brings the push pins you will need to mark the countries visited.

$110 by SmartMaps on Etsy

The Old World Cream Throw Pillow

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Photo: Target.com

Inspire someone to travel by gifting this beautifully designed pillow! They can have it on their bed or living room and it can serve as a reminder of how much of the world there is to see!

$35 by Catherine Holcombe at Target

Travel Journal

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Photo: KateSpade.com

A travel journal is essential for the traveler that loves to write down their thoughts and feelings while on their journeys. This Kate Spade travel journal comes in a beautiful burgundy color, has the words “Bon Voyage” on the front cover, and a window for a picture. This present may inspire the next big travel writer!

$20 by Kate Spade
Kelty Redwing 44L Backpack

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Perhaps you know someone that is preparing for a long backpacking adventure! Encourage them to strive on the journey by buying them a comfortable backpack. This 44L has more than enough room to carry clothes and travel essentials. The straps are well cushioned and it includes a waist belt which will give great support to your lower back. It’s a must have!

$94 by Kelty on Amazon

The Trlt Pillow

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Photo: Amazon.com

How about a neck pillow for those long grueling flights? A traveler will especially appreciate this if they are in the middle seat. This uniquely designed pillow will keep your neck warm and give it the support it needs for dozing off.

$30 by Trtl on Amazon

Airbnb Gift Card

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Courtesy of: Giftcards.com

Airbnb is often cheaper than hotels, it has unique homes, and they can be quite comfortable! Must I say more? I would cry if I got an Airbnb gift card as a present #travelnerd

Price varies on Airbnb

Wanderer Bracelets

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Photo: WandererBracelets.com

Perhaps you took a special trip with a best friend or significant other and you want to gift them something to remember it by. You can customize these bracelets with the coordinates of the location you visited and add a special note. By buying from Wanderer Bracelets you will also be supporting local Balinese Artisans whom weave these bracelets by hand.

$24 by Wanderer Bracelets

Columbia Hiking Boots

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This is for the adventurous women taking trips to see the outdoors! Or the backpackers walking for long distances at a time. Good hiking boots will be much appreciated!

$62 – $125 (Depends on syle) by Columbia on Amazon

Travel Fund Box

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Photo: Etsy.com

Perhaps the most difficult part about traveling is saving up our money for it. But with budgeting, patience, and motivation, the trip of our dreams can come true. Give the gift of saving by gifting this travel fund box!

$28 by HelloSarahandTom on Etsy