How Often Should You Wash Your Yoga Mat?

As someone who does yoga an average of 3-5 times a week, I think it’s fair to say I’m a yogi at this point. While my inversion practice has definitely seen some improvement, there’s one area that still needs some work: My yoga mat hygiene.

I used to go to a studio where they had spray bottles and paper towels available for a post-class wipe down, but when I switched studios I happily traded better teachers for a facility that provided no free after class cleaning products. My habit of wiping my mat down after each vinyasa, completely went out the window. So how often should I be giving my mat some TLC? Yogalosophy author, Mandy Ingber, told Self Magazine that mat maintenance ideally takes place after every class.

Boy, have I been missing the mark! If you’re like me and have not been the most sanitary yogi (I know I’m not alone), here are four ways you can clean your mat.

Editor’s note: Quality yoga mats are not cheap. Before trying to clean your mat with any of these suggested practices, look up your brand and see what the manufacturer recommends.




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