10 Ways to Help Immigrant Families Affected by the ICE Raid in Mississippi


Instagram: @SamanthaSophia

In the aftermath of the largest single-day raid in U.S. history that occurred Aug. 7 in Mississippi, organizations and advocates have been rallying support for the affected families. Nearly 680 people were apprehended in food processing plants in six different cities in southern Mississippi including Canton, Bay Springs, Carthage, Sebastopol, and Pelahatchie which left many families in crisis.

The heartbreaking images of children crying for their parent’s return brought to light the effects of the raids in a time when Trump continues to push for more deportations and stricter immigration laws. Children affected by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids became the voices for those undocumented workers with teary-eyed kids pleading for their parent’s return.

Those without criminal records or orders of deportations will be placed in immigration proceedings before a judge and could be released, CBS News reports. An ICE official told the publication that several hundreds of the workers were released, while others will be moved to a detention facility. But with many children still without parents and families trying to work through the detainment, we’ve compiled a list of ways to help through volunteer efforts or donations.




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