5 Ways To Save The Planet While Traveling

The Earth isn’t in its best condition with all the abuse it takes from man-made pollution

Photo: Unsplash/@ranasawalha

Photo: Unsplash/@ranasawalha

The Earth isn’t in its best condition with all the abuse it takes from man-made pollution. Often times, our environmental conscious goes off when traveling, which increases the chances of that location changing — often times for the worst. Just because harm is being done in a place you don’t call “home”, doesn’t mean it won’t impact your every day life. Next time you jet off, practice these methods to help the Earth breathe again.

Walk As Much As You Can


Traveling is all about exploring and the best way to see a new location is by foot. You don’t have to worry about parking or traffic and you also have the freedom to reach those small corners. Aside from getting your own workout, you will also reduce the carbon footprint of using a car or scooter.

There are locations that are too scattered so the best alternative is to use a bike, if possible, or any method of public transportation.


Ditch the Plastic


The amount of plastic used every day is an issue and when traveling, people tend to use more than expected. There are plastic water bottles that are bought at least twice a day, plastic bags used for groceries or souvenir shopping, and the plastic wrapped around food. 

Most of us don’t pack with the intention of bringing a reusable water bottle because we know we can buy one and that’s where the issue resides. When packing for a trip, it’s important to reconsider the ways you can reduce your plastic consumption. That goes with bringing your own water bottle to refill and bringing an extra tote bag to pack your groceries.

Not only will you be reducing the amount of plastic used but also saving some extra cash. There are many countries that have potable tap water and fountains scattered around the city. Other places charge for each plastic bag used and although it might be a small amount, reusing that plastic bag will go a long way in the future.

If you don’t intend on bringing along these extra items, don’t be afraid to reuse the same plastic bags and water bottles.


Leave the Location Cleaner

When venturing off to another country, cleaning isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. We want to kick back and relax but getting down and dirty for the sake of the environment is never a bad idea. There will be times you go to a location and see it has been polluted by garbage scattered around. It won’t cost you much to pick up litter, especially if you love the place. You might even set an example for those around you as they witness what you’re doing.


Use the Recycling System

This sounds like something everyone would do but that’s not the case. Plastic and reusable material will always find its way inside the wrong bin which has serious consequences. Many countries recycle, some more than others, but do your part and recycle what you can. The system has a simple and easy set up so you have no excuse. You might encounter a few countries that use color instead of logos to distinguish each material, like in Europe, but it takes a few seconds to figure it out.


Look Into Your Tour Guides


It’s extremely crucial to do your research when going on tours especially when it involves wildlife. Unfortunately, many countries will abuse animals, like elephant riding, for touristic purposes and the only way it will stop is if tourists were more aware of the situation. Lucky enough, people have come to save these animals and create sanctuaries where tourists can get an unforgettable experience that is safe for wildlife.

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