Your Weekly Tarotscope for March 31 – Apr 6, 2019 Revealed

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Theme of the Week: The Lovers

The Lovers HIpLatina Tarotscope

I’m seeing elements of a dream state happening now. Some of you are walking in a haze of fog, while others feel like they’re floating on cloud 9. But in neither state can you see clearly the road ahead. The Lovers gets mistaken much of the time for a soulmate card. It does denote a deep, soul-level connection. As well, this is a card of choices and outward distance. You have the opportunity to take a step back from a situation you are very close to now to decide if this is a rabbit hole you want to go down. It will be difficult to separate yourself because there is, in fact, a higher connection here. There is a purpose for this in your life — which often times means hard lessons come along with it. If you are open and willing to grow the deepest parts of yourself, reaching a place you possibly never knew existed, this is for you. Rest assured, the rewards will far outweigh the trouble. Growth sounds great at face value, but many of you may still not feel ready for this. If you are intent on staying in your comfort zone and maintaining the status quo, that is your prerogative to do so. But step aside, because you could be hindering someone else who is set to soar to new heights, in a major way.




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