White Latinas in KKK Halloween Costumes Called Out by Rappers ShaTown and BillyCEO

Halloween is such and fun time of costume parties, candy and figuring out how to dress up as your favorite celebs in new and funny ways

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Halloween is such and fun time of costume parties, candy and figuring out how to dress up as your favorite celebs in new and funny ways. But every year it’s become more and more clear that we can’t have anything nice. No matter what anyone says we continue to see Black face, Native American headdresses, and “Mexican” costumes.  But what really blows our minds is that in this political climate, with all the racism Latinx experience, there are still those of us willing to join in on the bigotry. On Halloween night in downtown Los Angeles, two Latinas were caught wearing full-on KKK uniforms. YES, you read that correctly.


It was reported by rappers ShaTown and BillyCEO that the two women in “costume” were walking around trying to “scare people” thinking it was funny. In an Instagram post, BillyCEO wrote:

I’m not a bully nor am I a killer but this type of sh*t needs to stop, before somebody gets killed or we start a riot as people. Last night two Mexican women walked down the streets of LA wearing Klu Klux Klan outfits thinking that sh*t was funny and allegedly trying to “scare people” so we snatched their mask off and has a little conversation…

You can hear the two rappers telling the women to take off their KKK hoods. The women can be seen trying to keep their faces covered as people continue to try to snatch their hood off. Everyone is seen with their phones out jeering and booing the women for their utter disrespect. BillyCEO continued:

This isn’t just disrespectful to Black people but all people who fought for our rights and this is disrespectful to our people, my people, your people (to women). The same people you two are supporting is the same folks supporting deportation of your people.

When their hoods are finally ripped off the women are heard saying “You’re right, you’re right!” to ShaTown, BillyCEO, and the angry people who gathered around them. It is truly a miracle that the crowd didn’t turn on them. And although a punch in the face would have been justified, the rappers knew that they would have likely been the ones in trouble with the law. BillyCEO wrote:

She goes onto say “I am right and I should be mad” that’s the moment that I could’ve knocked her ass out but unfortunately we would have been the ones behind bars for being black in America and fighting the same fight out ancestry fought, we didn’t put hands on them, we took those masks off and kindly escorted them out of LA… We didn’t do this for clout, we did this for our respect. Don’t play games like these people of America cause this generation isn’t gonna let that sh*t go down!

The angry onlookers are seen booing and following the women to get them to leave. In the extended IGTV video on BillyCEO’s page, you can see that the women were followed into a smoke shop by a large crowd. One of the women acts shocked that anyone is mad at their costumes and says, “I’m not trying to offend you.” Really? Then, she refuses to apologize for what she apparently thought was a great costume idea. Lastly, she actually tries to hug one of the women holding her accountable. It’s seriously cringe-worthy!

Then another woman from the crowd jumps in and says “Why would you wear that?” To which she gets no good answer because there isn’t one. At the end of the video the two women walk off into the night, hood-less and hopefully ashamed of themselves. ShaTown and BillyCEO walk in the opposite direction angry and shaken. Viewers are left wondering how anyone, especially Latinas, could think dressing like that was funny. This is forever and always inappropriate and disgusting. It’s even more shocking that this would happen in LA.

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