14 Ways to Keep Curls Healthy and Bouncy When It’s Really Really Cold Outside

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It took me literally years to get my curls back to life after so much heat-styling. I have never felt so comfortable with my hair like I do today and while I genuinely love and embrace it, I’d be lying if I told you I don’t experience my fair share of bad hair days. Having a head full of curly hair definitely takes time, TLC, and good weather. In fact, nothing seems to hate my curls more than winter. My hair is relatively dry, flat, and quite lifeless when the colder temperatures start to hit. Once November rolls around, even detangling becomes a nightmare. But like most of us, I refuse to skip out on holiday socials and go into hiding until spring, just because of my hair. Instead, I’ve gathered a ton of winter hair-care tips to keep my rizos soft, silky, moisturized, healthy, and full of bounce all season long — or at least into 2020. Check them out and thank me later!




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