3 Latina Experts Share Tips on Caring For Curly Hair in Winter

Winter Curl Care HipLatina


I’ll be the first to admit that for the longest my solution for dealing with my curly hair during the fall and winter seasons was to straighten it with weekly blowouts. Sure, I’d rock my curls during the spring and summer but I had zero patience to take the taxing time to care for my rizos during the colder months. Trust me, I paid dearly. I dealt with heat-damaged curls for years. But after getting my curl cut this past September, I’m committed to keeping my curly hair healthy and bouncy even when it’s cold AF outside and I’m feeling lazier. I reached out to some of the best Latina curl experts in the biz who gave their tips and tricks on how to protect your curly hair this season along with product recommendations. Get ready to bring those curls out—even when the temperature drops!




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