20 Gifts For Woke Women In Your Life

This is the time of year for giving

Photo: Unsplash/@jessbaileydesigns

Photo: Unsplash/@jessbaileydesigns

This is the time of year for giving. It’s also the time of year we all get a lot of random, useless and often meaningless, empty gifts. Believe us when we say that the woke women in your life will appreciate stuff that reinforces her eff the patriarchy aesthetic or just fun and/or educational stuff that fits into her worldview. After all, who’s going to know what a badass chingona you are if you don’t tell them straight to their face?!

Here is your essential woke woman’s gift list for 2018!wp_*posts

1. Cálmate Becky tee ($26)

Help her say what she’s probably already thinking! The Mercado Poco A Poco creator recently disclosed that her designs have been ripped off and are being sold on Amazon without her permission! Support the real tee! 4$ of each sale goes to helping Asylum seekers at the border. Her shop has a lot of other great gift ideas too! You can get the Cálmate Becky tee here.wp_*posts

2. Pins by Urban Native Era ($11.99)

There’s a 99.9% chance the woke girl in your life has a jean jacket, she’ll be happy to have new pins to put on it! She’ll be even more excited that her gift helped support the work of naive artists as opposed to something Native inspired made by some huge chain. You can get yours here.wp_*posts

3. NW by Zadie Smith ($13.99)

Zadie Smith is the feminist literary darling of our generation, her stories share sharp, funny, critiques of what it means to be a mixed-race woman or you know, just a human on this planet. NW explores the different paths of two friends—particularly how race, gender, class, and culture has motivated and shaped their lives for the good and for the bad.wp_*posts

4. Indigenous Women Resisting Colonialism T-Shirt ($25.00)

Photo: Etsy.com

Indigenous women have been resisting for over 500 years! Makes a great gift for anyone who admires some of the most badass indigenous activists that have walked the earth. You’ll also be supporting the work of Gloria Lucas aka Nalgona Positivity Pride, who is a badass mujer in her own right. You can buy it here.wp_*posts

5. Nyakio Firming Face Balm ($45)


Fighting the patriarchy is hard on your skin! Help a girl out with her self-care by giving her a natural hydrating balm that really does improve skin’s firmness and texture. Bonus: It’s also women of color owned and ethically sourced. You can buy it here.wp_*posts


6. The F**k Rape Culture sweatshirt ($40)


Want to help a friend tell the world how they really feel about rape culture? Creator @xica_necia aka Bernadette Bolaños’ sweatshirt is made for the inspired activist that is inspired and unapologetic about denouncing rape culture and supporting survivors. You can pre-order one here.wp_*posts

7. The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo ($14.65)

This award-winning best selling book is about an Afro-Latina heroine trying to find her self and at the same time mitigate the expectations placed on her by society as well as her immigrant parents. She is finally able to express herself through slam poetry, it’s the kind of story any angsty (or formerly angsty) first gen kid could identify with.

8. A Zapotec Textile by Porfiro Gutierrez ($80 and Up)

If you’re a super serious gift giver this should do the trick. You’ve most likely seen these sacred Zapotec patterns in department stores. But seeing an actual tejido that takes hours of work and thousands of years of ancestral knowledge is quite another thing. Everything right down to the yarn and dyes are made by hand following the ancient recipes. Porfirio Gutierrez smaller prices start at around $80 and you can inquire about his work here.wp_*posts

9. Eighth Generation Beach/Bath Towel ($46.00)

If these aren’t the cutest beach & bath towels you’ve ever seen I don’t know what to tell you! These are gorgeous Native made designs that anyone would be excited to get! This is really a no brainier because who doesn’t to have the cutest towel on the beach this summer?wp_*posts

10. Bonita Sweatshirt by Viva La Bonita ($39.99)

It’s cold outside… And in a time when we’re routinely told that being ourselves is either bad, criminal, or simply not enough love ourselves is an act of resistance. Let her know that she’s bonita no matter what the pendejos say. You can buy it here. wp_*posts

11. A Custom Cards Against Humanity Deck ($10)

Photo: Cardsagainsthumanity.com

This is a card game for horrible people but coincidentally enough the creators just happened to have bought a stretch a land along the border for the sole purpose of impeding the construction of “the wall.” So, I guess they’re not so bad after all. You can also make your own deck for $10 on their site which would make a fun and hilarious gift. Think of the possibilities! wp_*posts

12. A 2019 reading with Chani Nicholas ($40)


Looking for a great gift for the astrologically inclined? Chani Nicholas is always on point and always reminding us to be conscious, grounded and grateful. Her 2019: year ahead for your sign will make sure your intended gift getter knows what to do the next time there is an eclipse or if mercury is in reggaeton again. wp_*posts

13. Lil Libros ($9.99)

One for the babies! Pretty much any of these books make a great gift for los bebecitos in your life. These culturally relevant bilingual books feature familiar figures like Frida, Selena, and Cantinflas just to name a few. You can buy one here.wp_*posts

14. Sweat Self Esteem Patch by Hot Sundae ($6.00)


We’ve already established that woke girls have jean jackets. Adornments of any kind must be carefully thought through. Speaking from my own personal experience I’m 99.9% sure this will be a great addition to the ones she already has since it’s the perfect combination of feminism and 90’s nostalgia. Buy the Sweat Self Esteem patch here.wp_*posts

15. Paradise by Toni Morisson ($13.71)

This is just a really good book. It’s about the founding of an all Black town as told by the women who escaped the clutches of toxic masculinity. Its characters explores themes like the retelling of history, female sexuality, gender roles, and all the topics woke girls would find of particular interest. wp_*posts

16.  The Alkebulan Bag by Orijin Culture ($225)

This is def a must have for the proud Afro Latinx in your life! It’s beautiful, useful and dope af! They also have varying colors, sizes and styles that you can shop here.wp_*posts

17. Chingona Club Bath Bomb by Loquita Bath And Body ($7.00)

The first rule of Chingona Club is to tell everyone about these bath bombs because isn’t self-care so necessary and important? Help your woke friends soak and smell like a concha-scented chingona. You can also check out Loquita Bath and Body’s wide selection of skin and bath products for all of your gift-giving needs. Join the chingona club here.wp_*posts

18.  Not Your Hyna Crop Top ($32.00)

She’s her own woman, she marches to the beat of her own drum and she’s definitely NOT your hyna! This is the classic Bella Dona crop top that is great for any and all seasons. You can buy the tee that says it all here and shop the rest of their collections here.wp_*posts

19. For Wild Women Purple Flowers Unisex T-Shirt by Denise Cortes ($36.00)


Frida was the wildest, the realest and the surrealist! Anything with Frida vibez is definitely a step in the right direction.  You can also support @pearmama’s work at her etsy shop here.wp_*posts

20. Flavors Silicon Pipe by Mary Jane Girls Club ($20.00)


The perfect gifts for the bong beauty in your life because you can always use another pipe! It comes in a variety of colors (flavors) and there are tons of other great gift ideas like rolling papers, bongs, and grinders. You can get yours here.

Are there any gifts we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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