Woman Is Using Twitter To Search For Long Lost Sister

Twitter is a powerful tool

Photo: Unsplash/@dole777

Photo: Unsplash/@dole777

Twitter is a powerful tool. It can reach millions faster than any other social media tool, which is probably why the President of the United States cannot stop tweeting. It’s also the reason why Alyssa-Lynn Bishop is using Twitter to find her long lost sister. In a tweet that has since gone viral — less than 24 hours after posting — Alyssa-Lynn writes how she is searching for her sister mostly as a gift to her grandmother.

“Ok twitter , I have a long lost sister who’s 34 years old. She thinks our father died in a fire but that is not the case I’ve been looking for her for years. Her name is Jennifer. All I have is her baby picture. Twitter do your thing hopefully her kids see it.”

Alyssa-Lynn also included a picture of her sister when she was a little baby. She says it’s the only picture she has of her, and she’s adorable!


Alyssa-Lynn also posted her message on Facebook in hope that it would reach even more people. While she hasn’t had any leads, it’s only been a day since she first tweeted her search. She also included that her sister lives in New York and that her mother’s name is Maria. She also tweeted: “My nana always wanted all her grandchildren to reunite. So I’m gonna make it happen. whatever it takes…”

We’ve seen countless of stories just like Alyssa-Lynn in which social media has helped people reunite, including a mother reunited with 5-year-old son through social media after Las Vegas shooting, a mother and daughter reunited after 44 years apart via Facebook, and even a reunion between a man and his therapy dog.

So we’re feeling pretty hopeful that Alyssa-Lynn will be reunited with her sister as well. It’s just a matter of time. We will update this story with any new developments with this story.

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