Photo: Instagram/@somaratx & shopesma
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Xicana Brand Gets To the Heart of Our Passions and We’re Obsessed!

We just discovered a Xicana-owned company called Somar ATX and we’re completely obsessed with every single thing they’re selling. But first let’s thank Kat Von D for this introduction because without her this obsession would not be possible.

On Wednesday, Kat Von D Beauty posted this image on Instagram and it left us floored.

We then went to the @Somaratx page and devoured every single thing on their Instagram.

Somar ATX is an Austin-based company and is totally DIY, run by women whom have full-time jobs or are college students, so it’s not at all corporate but totally passion driven.

They’re tagline is: “Embracing nuestra cultura & celebrating our diversity! ✨”  We love supporting brands that are all about celebrating Latino culture.

So what kind of items do they sell? Most of the items are t-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories, and kids items. Their t-shirts have cute tag lines like “Corazon de melon,” “Minorities are priorities,” and of course our favorite “Take Trump/Bring Back Selena.”

But because Somar ATX is so DIY, not all of these items will be in stock. If you’re planning to do Christmas shopping on the website you better hurry up!!