9 Brands to Support That Are Celebrating Latino Culture

The dollars you spend – on food, entertainment, and clothing, among other things – declare who you support, and who you would want to have success and power

Photo: Instagram/vivalabonita

Photo: Instagram/vivalabonita

The dollars you spend – on food, entertainment, and clothing, among other things – declare who you support, and who you would want to have success and power. (Whether you realize it or not). [tps_header][article_ad_lb][/tps_header] So, when you think of it that way, shopping becomes a bigger deal than merely buying what’s cute. Luckily for you, you don’t have to choose between supporting your own and buying cute things. These nine brands are owned by Latinos, celebrate our cultures, and create supercool items you’d want to buy anyway.

Hija de tu Madre

Hija de tu Madre (Daughter of your Mother) has us dazzled with this sparkly homage to La Virgen de Guadalupe. Owner Patty Delgado created the brand to “celebrate the beautiful mess that is being Latinx,” to “create apparel that is the perfect depiction of her cultural intersection,” (denim meets La Virgen), and “celebrate the complexities of being a product of more than one culture.” Because after all, often, “We are ni de aqui, ni de alla.”

Leather Hands Mexico

Leather Hands Mexico

Photo: Etsyshop/LeatherHandsMexico

Of course, you want your culture to extend to your hijitos. Marijose Flores’ Leather Hands Mexico celebrates la cultura Mexicana, with a wide array of clothes, accessories, home decor, and stuff for children, including these adorable shoes. Through her company, Flores aims to help her production partners in Oaxaca City and Tlacolula de Matamoros.

Lil’ Libros

When Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein couldn’t find bilingual books to read to their babies the concept for Lil’ Libros was born. The duo view bilingualism as an integral part of children’s future. Lil’ Libros has colorful and beautifully illustrated books on topics such as Celia Cruz, Lucha Libre, Cuauhtemoc, Emiliano Zapata, Frida Kahlo, and La Virgen de Guadalupe.

Reina Rebelde

We buy makeup – a lot of it. So it’s great that brands are coming out that represent us in the beauty sphere. Regina Merson started Reina Rebelde for the woman who “loves being Latina and Americana. She equally celebrates the beauty of her Reina and the fierceness and grit of her Rebelde.” Who can resist makeup with color names like La Doña, Azteca, Chula, Coqueta, Atrevida, Fresa, and Xicana?!



You had us at Rita, Celia, Frida, and Selena. Jisely Jimenez and Lian Amado started su_ella to inspire Latinas. You will see tees, hoodies, and totes emblazoned with the above-mentioned icons, as well as other cultural heroes.

Viva Greetings

Viva Greetings

Photo: Etsy/Viva Greetings

It’s so exciting to finally see greeting cards that convey what you want to say, in Spanish, English, or Spanglish. Carla Fonseca has taken all the energy and color of Mexican culture and infused them into Viva Greetings, a line featuring cards, patches, mercado bags, party decorations, costumes, and more. Fonseca also runs Fabrimeks, offering Mexican textiles and materials, and the blog lalafiesta, which centers on Mexican celebrations.


You know a brand has a lock on Latino culture when they emblazon famous television astrologer Walter Mercado on a t-shirt. Rachel Gomez’s Viva La Bonita is “inspired by the spirit of the women who are fearless,” and you can see it in the clothes. Feminist phrases are emblazoned in Old English font, roses adorn a pink jean jacket. It’s the perfect balance of tough chola and mujer bonita.

L.A. Chica

If you’re looking for shirts that highlight the strong, powerful Latina that you truly are, L.A. Chica has got you covered. The brand offers many uplifting tees that will remind you on a daily basis that “todo es posible.”

Twisted For Sugar


After you’ve updated your wardrobe and sent out the dopest greeting cards, you can reward yourself with a sweet treat. Twisted For Sugar is taking traditional cotton candy and adding a fun Latin twist. Owner Lucia Rios creates gourmet cotton candy using flavors like watermelon and tajin or horchata. The hard part will be deciding what flavor to try first.

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