Meet Yalitza Aparicio’s Talented Singing Sister, Edith Aparicio

The story of how Yalitza Aparicio won the role of Cleo in Roma is one that is astonishing and serendipitous

Photo: Instagram/lunaedithaparicio

Photo: Instagram/lunaedithaparicio

The story of how Yalitza Aparicio won the role of Cleo in Roma is one that is astonishing and serendipitous. Yalitza has recounted the story many times about how her sister wanted to audition for Alfonso Cuarón’s film but was unable to because she was pregnant at the time. Yalitza had said that because her small town of Oaxaca never had an audition, her sister wanted to be there desperately and begged Yalitza to go in her place. Yalitza went, auditioned, and Cuarón instantly knew she would be his leading lady. It would be interesting to see how things would have turned out had Yalitza not gone, and if her sister would have been there instead. Now we’re seeing why Yalitza’s sister, Edith Aparicio wanted to be at that audition — she is a talent in her own right.

Edith is an incredible singer and has a lovely and commanding voice. In an interview with El Universal, Edith said that her sister never imagined being an actress, because, in the eyes of their family, Edith was the one that showed interest in that creative form.

“It’s actually funny for us because it’s been me who has expressed herself in that manner the most, what she liked the most… was reading, poetry, painting…  she never said she wanted to be an actress,” she said.

While Yalitza has expressed that her family shouldn’t be hounded for interviews or exposed via photographs, it seems as though Edith does want to share some of the spotlight. Her YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers and thousands of views. Her talent is definitely singing mariachi love songs, and she sings impressive covers of “Paloma Negra” and “Volver, Volver.”

We’re certain that Edith’s talent will be seen by millions just as much as her sister’s. Now we’re just wondering how many other secret talents are hidden in Yalitza’s family and her hometown of Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca.

Check out this outstanding video of Edith singing “Paloma Negra.”

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