Ydelays Rodriguez, Golden Dream Beauty, YouTube, Beauty, Makeup, Latina owned
Photo: Courtesy Ydelays Rodriguez

Golden Dream Beauty Was Created By a Venezuelan With an American Dream

Ydelays Rodriguez didn’t have a road map, she only knew her destination: a career as a TV host. After moving to Boston from Guatire, Venezuela to study English she realized that Los Angeles was where she needed to be and moved again. At 19 Rodriguez decided she just needed to figure it out and make her dreams happen. 

When she got to LA, Rodriguez recognized the need for connections. “I wanted to do everything I could do to get a job on TV. So I saw there was a casting to sing Jenni Rivera, and I was like ok if I participate in this casting and I sing a song maybe it will be a good opportunity to get to know people who work in the industry,” she tells HipLatina.

Ydelays Rodriguez, Golden Dream Beauty, YouTube, Beauty, Makeup, Latina owned
Photo: Courtesy Ydelays Rodriguez

Rodriguez quickly taught herself the lyrics to Jenni Rivera’s “Basta Ya.” And with nothing but her self confidence and no formal singing experience, she got the job!  “I was a Venezuelan girl singing Banda,” she says chuckling. And her tactic worked. She walked away with contacts that eventually lead to her finding a job in front of the camera.

From that singing opportunity, she got some modeling jobs that eventually turned into a guest host at Mundo FOX’s studio. At the same time she started exploring her passion for makeup. Rodriguez took to the internet to teach herself how to shoot and edit videos and from there starting making her own tutorials. 

 Although she originally started using YouTube as a way to connect with her family back home, in 2015 her video ‘Labios Grandes Sin Cirugia Kylie Jenner Lips’ went viral with 8.4 million views. It made her decide to take YouTube more seriously. “I had to learn a lot about the industry and how you get to work with the brands you like. How do they do a campaign? How do they launch a product? It was amazing to me! Then I got to be a part of a big campaign with TooFaced,” she says. 

In the five years Rodriguez has been on YouTube, she’s worked with brands like Clinique, Garnier, Neutrogena, Maybelline, and L’oreal just to name a few. The passion she witnessed working with people behind the scenes inspired her to create her own brand, Golden Dream Beauty. “I wanted to make a product that would inspire other girls to dream,” she says.

Golden Dream Beauty’s first product is a pack of silk lashes and she says that there are plans to expand into eyes and face. “I wanted to bring something positive and inspiring to the community to also show a Latino owned makeup company that is full of values and love, that I feel is what represents our community,” she says. “I’m blessed to have done so many things at this age, I had these dreams and I believed in them.” 

A long way from her big move in 2012, today Rodriguez has 800k+ Followers on YouTube, 385k on Instagram, 85k+ on Facebook and 19k on Twitter. Making mommy content, running a business, and being a new mom are all journeys Rodriguez is embarking on. But she says it’s only the beginning. “More things are coming, many exciting things are coming,” she adds. 

You can shop Golden Dream Beauty here and keep up with Ydelays on YouTube here.