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Theme of the Week: 3 of Wands The 3 of Wands is encouraging us not just to be brave and look forward, but to embrace the strength within ourselves enough to actually take those steps forward

Tarot 3 of Wands


Theme of the Week: 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands is encouraging us not just to be brave and look forward, but to embrace the strength within ourselves enough to actually take those steps forward. We already know or have an idea, of where we are going now. But, we must realize that the things we choose to bring along walking into our next chapter can either assist us on our journey or hold us back. I strongly feel that most of us will understand what we need to leave behind, as difficult a task as that may be. But no risk, no reward. We innately know what is best for ourselves. Trust your instincts now and release yourself of self-doubt. The way forward is by following your passions.



Your Card: Justice



No justice, no peace, Cancer. Things must come correct in order for you to progress. Fairness and balance is the key for you at this time. When in doubt, default to what is righteous. It is not a time for you to act like a martyr, but a time for you to lay the foundation by doing the right thing. A foundation that can last a lifetime and only rise high if it is built on solid ground. Whether you know it or not, that is what you are building now. So do it right. No shortcuts, no cheating, no skirting around what you know needs to be done. The universe likes things to be in balance and one way or another that stability will be achieved. So if you begin from a strongly structured point, your path will likely be paved much more smoothly. Your future has immense potential as long as you take the time and effort to firmly position everything now.


Leo Tarotscope HipLatina


Your Card: 2 of Wands


You are full of ideas now, Leo. What should you do with all this possibility? Sometimes having too many options can leave you feeling debilitated. But, consider this a good problem. You are coming into a time of expansion, growth, and freedom. In a sense, the world is at your fingertips. It may not feel this way, but you are the only one who is placing any sort of limitations on yourself now. If you choose to stay where you are, that is your choice. But, you would be wise not to squander the gift the universe has bestowed upon you. Not everyone receives this in their lifetime more than once. Many don’t recognize it until they have already rooted themselves. They realize only once they’ve looked back on that period of their lives. It may be easy to become overwhelmed, but find security in the idea that there is no wrong choice, only different paths.


Virgo Tarotscope HipLatina


Your Card: 2 of Pentacles

This, or that? Here, or there? You are trying to weigh things out, but you may not necessarily have all of the correct facts, Virgo. I am seeing that someone may be steering you in the wrong direction for their own benefit. Or, for some of you, you may only be seeing what you want to see on one side of the coin. Do not delude yourself. If you are having a particularly difficult time here, only consult those who have nothing to gain or lose from this decision. That way, you can get an honest response. I am also seeing that there may be more to this than meets eye, or there may be many intricacies having to do with the situation. You don’t need to explain that to everyone, but definitely factor them into your final decision before committing. The devil is in the details and they have the potential to make all the difference.


Libra Tarotscope HipLatina


Your Card: 5 of Pentacles


I am seeing a lot of you getting cold feet in a situation, Libra. You are trying to move forward, but either stalling or having a hard time with the follow-through. There is someone else who is in the same boat as you, but it doesn’t look like they are thinking for themselves. I am seeing them mirroring whatever it is that you do. This looks like it may be putting quite a bit of pressure on you to make the right move, therefore, that could be something that is slowing you down here. Feeling as if someone else is depending on you is just one more reason you are afraid to take the wrong step. It seems as if a lot is depending on this. Soon you may receive a bit of guidance, but in the end make the decision for yourself, because that source may not be completely reliable. I feel like some of you may already have a hunch about that, so if that is your feeling take this as validation.


Scorpio Tarotscope HipLatina


Your Card: 8 of Swords


There may be a lot going on for you now, Scorpio, and you just don’t want to deal with the realities. But, they exist whether you acknowledge them or not. Pretending something isn’t there won’t make it go away, it will just escalate. You are going to have to take the blindfold off, turn around, and face this problem head-on at some point. The sooner you do that, the faster you can get through it and come to some sort of resolution. It is the only way you are going to be able to move on with your life and come to a peaceful state within yourself and your surroundings again. Until then, you are just building stress, worry, anxiety, and it will be all you can think about. Even if you feel like your hands are tied in the situation, there is something that you can do about it. Just set your mind to finding a solution, then take action towards it. If you keep putting this off, it will only get worse.


Tarotscope Sagittarius HipLatina


Your Card: Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles


I’m seeing that it is taking all of your strength to either admit something to yourself or someone else. It looks like a tough realization that you are coming to now, Sagittarius. You need to understand that you are looking at things more clearly now than ever. This is something that is extremely positive, so don’t get lost in what may feel hopeless or negative here. The only way that you would be able to move forward in your situation is by understanding things as they are, not as you would like them to be. This is progress, albeit perhaps a bit more drawn-out than you had originally hoped for. This isn’t an ending, but a more realistic advancement. It is also something that will work to your advantage in the end. From here on out you are working with a much more stable and grounded energy.


Capricorn HIpLatina TarotScope


Your Card: 7 of Pentacles


You are waiting patiently for something to come out of your current situation, Capricorn. It looks like you feel as if you have done all you can, here, and now there’s nothing left to do but wait. It would be to your benefit to take a second look and analyze if there is anything further you can contribute. There may be something you are overlooking now. Also, just because something is taking time, or may be going at a snail’s pace, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything happening. Slow progress is still progress. Be patient with both your situation, as well as yourself. There will always be more to be done so try to revel in the process as much as you can. Once you get past the building stages, things will begin to flow more smoothly and naturally. Be careful not to let small setbacks dishearten you too much. Simply correct them and keep moving forward.


Aquarius Tarotscope HIpLatina


Your Card: Temperance


Things are a little off-kilter now for you, Aquarius. You need to focus on evening-out the various areas of your life. You may have shifted a lot of your attention on one or two realms, specifically, but there is one distinct area you are neglecting. I am seeing that you are well aware of this, which says to me that you may be purposefully ignoring it. Disregarding what you don’t want to acknowledge will not make it go away. It is going to grow more and more until it is so in your face that you have no choice but to deal with it. This is something which is really important for your personal growth and for the development of your future as well. This has a distinct effect on the direction of your life, whether you know it or not, yet. I am seeing that you will most likely keep ignoring this for the time being. Just understand, the longer you avoid dealing with it, the stronger a hold it will have over you, and the harder it will be to break out of this habit or toxic trait.


Tarotscope HIpLatina Pieces


Your Card: 10 of Wands


You are carrying a lot of baggage, Pisces. But, is it all even yours? I feel like you willingly walk around with all this extra luggage. Although you may initially have good intentions, it is something that does make you resentful for the subsequent burden it places on you. You cannot offer to do someone a favor, for example, and then be upset at them for having to do it. Don’t give yourself the extra work if it’s not something you genuinely want to do. Only volunteer to do things without expectation of a return. You aren’t helping yourself, or anyone else, if there are always strings attached to your “favors” or affections. I am seeing that a lot of you just do this naturally, and may not even realize it. But, this is why you may be left feeling so taken advantage of, at times. The reality is not that you are being mistreated by others, but that you are simply placing your own expectations on people without their endorsement.


Aries Tarotscope HipLatina


Your Card: Strength



Someone is pacifying you because they don’t want you to be angry with them now, Aries. I am hearing that they know how to play you in the way that they know all the right things to say and do to calm you down. I don’t sense any kind of imminent danger or even ingenuity, necessarily, but it does look like they are just trying to buy some more time while they figure things out. They want you to stick around, in one way or another, but they may not be sure quite how yet. For some of you, someone is trying to kill you with kindness. That is the only way they know how to exert power over you. I feel like you don’t really know how to fight back when someone is overly nice or kind to you, and they intuit this. Be aware that this is a tactic being used to get what they want and not necessarily what may be in your best interest.


Taurus HIpLatina Tarotscope


Your Card: 5 of Cups


You are feeling far from home in some way now, Taurus. Whether you are physically far from your home or you don’t feel home in your heart space. I’m seeing you feel very caught between two worlds. It seems as if you are halfway between the beginning and end of something. You are in a tough situation at the moment, but there is an out. There is a way to cross the bridge over into a happier place. I am seeing that you are focused on the hardship at hand right now and stressed out about what has been lost, or the things that haven’t worked out already. But, in order to get past that, you must open your eyes to the opportunities that you have on deck. Even if they seem quite insignificant at this time or perhaps like unfavorable options, in them lies great opportunity. Drastic change won’t happen overnight, but if you take one step every day you will soon see your life completely turned around.


Gemini Tarotscope HipLatina


Your Card: King of Wands


You have set your intentions on what you want, but you also desire it without commitment. I’m hearing that some of you just want to look like you are engulfed or devoted to something, but it’s really more about revenge or appearances. For some of you, your intention is to summon jealousy or some type of vindication from a particular person or group of people. For others, it looks as if you don’t really know what you’re doing, but again, it’s more about appearances and looking like you do. This is a time where you have let some part of your passionate-self take over and make all the decisions for you, regardless of whether or not this is in your best interest, or what you truly wish for moving forward. Be mindful of your actions now, because they could have some unintended consequences if you become too reckless or irresponsible. I’m seeing someone, in particular, coming in from the sidelines who has the potential to get caught in the line of fire. Do not underestimate the weight they hold in this situation.

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