15 YouTube Tutorials for Cool Things You Can Do at Home

Remember those days when you wished you have more free time on your hands so that you can do all sorts of amazing things?! Well, those days are here, but when you start to have too much free time, you can find yourself taking way too many naps, watching far too many TV shows, and

Coronavirus Youtube Tutorials

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Remember those days when you wished you have more free time on your hands so that you can do all sorts of amazing things?! Well, those days are here, but when you start to have too much free time, you can find yourself taking way too many naps, watching far too many TV shows, and not doing all those things you had planned on. We want to make sure you stay occupied, inspired, and hopeful during these trying times.

That’s why we are creating content to keep you learning, growing, and excited about the future. One thing many people are turning to now is YouTube, where you can learn all sorts of cool things in the comfort of your own home. We found 15 such videos that run the gamut from pulling out that sewing machine and upcycling clothes you already own, to delicious bites to make with the food in your fridge and pantry, to how to make such essentials as hand sanitizers and face masks.


“50 Amazing Upcycles to do if Stuck at Home!,” by BlueprintDIY

You’ve probably had it on your list to finally try your hand at upcycling some of your older, perhaps dated clothes. In an afternoon, you can transform something that you barely wear into an on-trend item you can’t wait to put on. Blueprint DIY made this cool video that shows you how to do 50 rad upcycles, so you can refresh your wardrobe and make the most out of your free time.


The “Lockdown Munchies” Series, by Sam the Cooking Guy

Opening your fridge and/or pantry door and staring at the ingredients within, wondering what the heck to make next? Sam the Cooking Guy sympathizes with the struggle, having made several “Lockdown Munchies” videos that will show you how to make delicious bites and meals using things you already have at home, including potatoes, meat, pasta, and eggs.


“NEW EYEBROW ROUTINE,” by Daisy Marquez

Just because we’re at home, doesn’t mean we want to look barefaced all the time (although it’s also so liberating to let yourself go natural for a while and not care about makeup). We still care about glamming up a bit, even if it’s caring for our brows or swiping on some blush and lipgloss. Daisy Marquez recently dropped this YouTube tutorial, showing how she’s doing her eyebrows now.


“Spring Styling Tips: Using What You Already Own!” by Mirror & Thread


These times show us just how resourceful we are with what we already have. All you have to do is switch some things up for something totally new. Just take Mirror & Thread’s “Spring Styling Tips” video, for example. She shows how you can style your wardrobe for spring using clothes you already own, just as she has.


How to Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables Amid Coronavirus

Of course we had to include videos that will keep you safe during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s all about learning how to stay safe and healthy, and sharing the information with everyone. This video by the Detroit Free Press shows us how to properly wash produce to “prevent the spread of COVID-19.




Have you tried to get tortillas delivered lately?! If you’re even able to get your hands on some, they’re often not the brand or type you really want. This is the perfect time to make your own! Views on the Road shows you how to make flour tortillas in 30 minutes, and the channel also offers a variety of other delicious recipes you can try out at home.


“ABDOME[N] PLANO DESDE TU CASA ► quema grasa en 8 min,” by Ana Mojica Fitness


Another productive and healthy thing to do at home with all this free time is exercise! It will clear your mind, keep your mood positive and upbeat, and keep your health in check. Ana Mojica Fitness has a bunch of videos that will keep you in tiptop shape, including those that target specific areas of the body, like this “Flat Abdomen From Your House” how-to.


“Jessica Alba’s Guide to a Daytime Smoky Eye,” by Vogue

You can go glam and go home. There’s no reason to not do your makeup and look put together. Jessica Alba shared this video from home, for Vogue, where she goes from barefaced to daytime smoky eye chic, showing us how to achieve the same look en casa.


“How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer,” by Dr. Ian Smith/Rachel Ray Show


Hand sanitizer is like gold right now. It’s rare, the prices for it are going up, and it has become a luxury. While washing your hands with soap and water is paramount for protecting yourself against coronavirus, hand sanitizer is also a great defense. You can learn to make your own, at home, by watching this DIY video from Dr. Ian Smith, during an appearance on the Rachel Ray Show.


“Try These 8 Easy Paper Crafts,” by HGTV Handmade


Crafts are a great thing to do with the kids, with family, or just by yourself. You’ll feel creative, as well as getting that sense of accomplishment once the DIY is done. The HGTV Handmade channel has different videos showing you how to make crafts using items found at home, including this video on “8 Easy Paper Crafts.”




You may have heard about friends and family doing various house projects, finally getting to things they’ve had pending forever. This is the perfect time to finally tackle your closet, and do some serious spring cleaning. Justine Marie shared this YouTube video showing her cleaning, organizing, and making over her small closet, sharing tips along the way to make your process quick and easy.


“15 Self Care Ideas for Coronavirus Quarantine,” by Lavendaire


It is important to practice self care, especially in stressful times. It’s not a luxury–it’s a necessity. This video by Lavendaire makes the process easier, by sharing 15 helpful ideas, including journaling, meditating, learning a language, taking a bath, and cleaning and organizing.


“A Doctor Explains How to Make the Safest Face Mask,” by Dr. Ryan Southworth


With a shortage on face masks, people are learning how to make their own at home (and donating ones they make to hospitals). While homemade masks are not as effective as medical grade ones, and the popular opinion says masks won’t protect from COVID-19 (but will protect others should you have it), we wanted to share a video on how to make some masks at home. Dr. Ryan Southworth explains in this video how to “make the safest face mask.”


“How to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!!,” by SweetPotatoSoul


This is the time to make sure your immune system is as badass as possible, to protect against, and if needed, fight off COVID-19. There are foods, supplements, and practices that will help your immune system be at its best, but what are they? SweetPotatoSoul shares an informative video that explains over 10 ways to get your immune system to optimal levels, such as getting enough rest, reducing stress, eating foods with Vitamin C, drinking golden milk, and reducing the intake of alcohol.


“How To Get The Best At Home Blow Out,” by Nicole Guerriero

While you shouldn’t go to the salon right now, you can bring the salon experience to your home. YouTube makes it so much easier to learn the tips and tricks your hairstylist uses on your tresses, thanks to videos from beauty bloggers like Nicole Guerriero. In this vid, she shares “How to Get the Best At Home Blow Out,” so that you can look salon fresh whenever you want.

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