These 30 YouTube Tutorials Will Teach You Everything About Holiday Party Makeup
Photo: Unsplash/@raphaellovaski

These 30 YouTube Tutorials Will Teach You Everything About Holiday Party Makeup

If there’s any time we are encouraged to glam up our makeup routine, it’s during the holidays. This is the time when our lips go scarlet, eyes get smoky, and glitter is highly encouraged. Some of us rock these luxe looks year-round, while others wait for November and December to dramatically take things up a notch.

We wanted to give you a hand with figuring out your holiday beauty looks and executing them to perfection. So, we searched YouTube and found some fabulous makeup tutorials that will teach you how to perfect specific things like a smoky eye, as well as videos that teach full-on holiday looks, from beginning to a flawless finish.

Full Glam Fall Makeup Tutorial, by Dulce Candy

In a collaboration with Smashbox Cosmetics, Dulce Candy shows us how to achieve a glam and slightly moody holiday look. The cranberry lips are a great alternative if you don’t want to opt for red and the eye is slightly smoky, and bold, but doesn’t overpower the dark lip.

Holiday Natural Hair Updo, by Melissa Erial

The holidays are when we dress up and get more dramatic with our hair and makeup. An elegant updo looks so chic and also keeps our hair in place so we can enjoy ourselves without a single pelo getting out of place. Melissa Erial shares a fabulous tutorial on how to achieve a stylish updo that is half braids and half twist bun.

Classic Brown Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial, by An Knook

A recognizable makeup look that you will see everywhere during the holidays is glittery eyes. This sparkle instantly adds a touch of luxury to everything from neutral colors to rich pops of fall and winter hues. An Knook’s YouTube tutorial will show you how to execute a classic brown glitter eye perfect for this time of year.

How to do a Chunky Glitter Cut Crease| Start to finish tutorial, by Kiki Adams


Want to take the glitter eye up a notch for Thanksgiving, the holidays, and/or New Year’s Eve? This tutorial by Kiki Adams offers major glam in the form of a sunset-like, chunky glitter cut crease look. Added bonus? You get the tutorial for the entire makeup look, including brows, foundation, and blush.

Thick Winged Eyeliner Tutorial- Tips & Tricks, by Makeup by Giselle

We rock liquid eyeliner all the time, but sometimes want to play up the wing during the holidays for added drama. Or maybe you don’t wear eyeliner at all, but want to try a new look for your get together. Either way, Giselle of Makeup by Giselle has a fab tutorial to create the thickest, sharper liner.

Easy and Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair, by Luxy Hair

You may know how you’re going to do your makeup for the holidays, but have no idea what to do with your curly hair. Luckily, Leyla over at Luxy Hair shows you a couple of pretty hairstyles you can easily recreate for the season.

20 New Year Nail Art Designs 2019, by LifeBeauty


It’s always fun to change up your nails and have them reflect all the cool things that come with each season and holiday. Once the end of the year rolls around, nails just beg for festive details like snowflakes, glitter, plaid, and of course, red and green. To learn 20 designs that will put you in the Christmas spirit, just check out this helpful tutorial posted by LifeBeauty.

Makeup Tutorial: Classic Red Lips & Soft Golden Eyes, by NAPTURALELENORE

Red lips are such a signature of the holidays and the glamour it inspires. Touches of gold also find their way into makeup looks at the end of the year. NAPTURALELENORE’s YouTube tutorial combine the two concepts beautifully in a way that’s perfect for these months.

Mascara Tutorial for INSANE Lashes!, by Shayna Greer

If you want eyelashes that are so bold you can opt to skip the eyeliner, you should check out this handy YouTube video by Shayna Greer. In it, she teaches you the tips and tricks to get your lashes from ordinary to extraordinary in less than 15 minutes.

Highlighting & Contouring for Beginners (Affordable Friendly), by DarkskinNextdoor

In this roundup, we wanted to share tutorials for individual things like eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lips, as well as those for entire looks. We also wanted to include how-tos for different levels of expertise. This one, by DarkskinNextdoor, shows beginners how to do highlighting and contouring. Added bonus? The video features affordable cosmetics.

Extreme Holiday Glam Transformation!, by NikkieTutorials

NikkieTutorials shares this next Youtube how-to, on how to recreate her Extreme Holiday Glam Transformation. The look includes a classic red holiday lip, eyes with a touch of shimmer, and the unexpected touch of gold-to-red metallic ombre eyeliner.

Glitter Holiday Makeup Tutorial

On her YouTube channel, All Things Adrienne, Adrienne Bailon shares holiday videos, including this cool tutorial on her glitter holiday makeup look. It features a bold, smoky eye that is finished with plenty of glitter, and a pinky nude lip that balances it out.

Natural Holiday Makeup, by Makeupshayla

For those who want a flawless holiday look that is more on the natural side, we have this helpful how-to by Makeupshayla. You still get a smoky eye and pronounced brows, but the colors overall are softer, warmer, and more neutral.

How to: Bold Dramatic Brows, by Chrisspy

Chrisspy shared this YouTube video that shows her viewers how to build bold, dramatic brows. Eyebrows are the frames to the eyes, and standout ones will also help balance out a dramatic liner, or a colorful lip, so learning how to create flawless ones is important.

Black Smokey Eye – Best Tips for Blending, by Desi Perkins

Many people are intimidated by creating a black smoky eye. One false move and your look goes from chic and mysterious to disastrous. Desi Perkins shows everyone how it’s done in this YouTube tutorial, which also shares with viewers her best tips for blending.

Fierce Brown Smokey Eye, by iluvsarahii

If you want a smoky eye that’s a little softer than black or one that doesn’t take up the entirety of the lower eyelid, this brown smoky eye look, by iluvsarahii, is a great option. You get the drama at the outer corners of the eyes, as well as a bold, smoky liner, but the rest of the look is softer and lighter.

How to Chrome Nails French Tip Tutorial, by Luxapolish

Another nail look that will add a festive and luxe touch to your holiday outfits is a chrome French manicure. Here, it is paired with black polish, but essentially you can add these metallic tips to most any color.

Fall Cranberry Fire Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial and Q+A, by Sabina Hannan

You don’t have to stick to just black, brown, or grey when it comes to a smoky eye. Have fun with it! Sabina Hannan shows you how to achieve the look using holiday-perfect cranberry in this YouTube how-to. Added bonus? The video also features a Q&A with the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle YouTuber.

Warm N Glittery Thanksgiving Makeup Tutorial, by iluvsarahii

If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving-specific makeup tutorial, or want a rosy, warm look with a bit of glitter, this tutorial by iluvsarahii would be great to check out. Added bonus? She lists all the products she uses in the video in the video’s description box.

How To Apply False Lashes For Beginners! Easy and Fast, by Lizeth Ramirez

False lashes are tricky. Done right, they make your eyes look dramatic, feminine, and pretty. Done wrong? They could look cheap and tacky. That’s why it’s important to learn how to apply them correctly the first time. Thankfully, there are YouTube videos, like Lizeth Ramirez’s, that take you through all the steps.

New Years Glam Makeup Tutorial, by Sarahy Delarosa


If you’re already thinking about New Year’s Eve looks, or want fab, glam makeup for any of your holiday parties, Sarahy Delarosa’s YouTube tutorial is great to check out. You get the drama of a smoky eye, the sparkly glitter, and a rosy, neutral color on both the eyes and lips that adds a girly touch.

Ombre Glitter Cut Crease, by KD Beauty

Add a bit of sparkle to your holiday looks with this Ombre Glitter Cut Crease, by KD Beauty. It adds just a swipe of shine to bold black liquid wing and neutral shadow, to take the whole look to celebration-level status.

How To: Cut Crease & Bright Lips Tutorial, by Chrisspy


The cut crease eye look is so popular, that you will find so many cool iterations of it on YouTube. It’s an easy way to put the focus right on the eyes. In this YouTube tutorial, by Chrisspy, she shows you how to achieve a gorgeous, ’60s-ish, smoky cut crease and a bright lip. This combo is perfect for the holiday season!

Red Lips Glitter Makeup Tutorial, by PinupDollAshleyMarie


If you want to take a classic red holiday lip to the next level this holiday season, then you should definitely check out this YouTube tutorial by PinupDollAshleyMarie. She starts with a vintage, Old Hollywood red lipstick, but adds glitter in the same color to add shimmer, sparkle, and shine. Ashley Marie also shares the exact products she used, with shoppable links, in the video’s description box.

Last-Minute Holiday Hairstyles (Easy & Low Maintenance), by Kayley Melissa


Hair accessories have made a major comeback, adding the perfect finishing touch to so many outfits. In this video, Kayley Melissa shows how to achieve three easy to copy, low-maintenance hairstyles featuring a headband, a ribbon, and a DIY pearl-studded bow.

Soft Cut Crease Thanksgiving Makeup Tutorial, by iluvsarahii

When you close your eyes and think of Thanksgiving colors, you probably picture warm browns, and oranges, or other such hues. Beauty YouTuber iluvsarahii translated this concept into a soft cut crease makeup look featuring warm, spiced neutrals. A little crease of glitter completes the festive makeup.

10 Easy Hairstyles For A Special Occasion, by Patry Jordan English


Need an easy yet elegant hairstyle to recreate for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s? This cool YouTube video by Patry Jordan English shows you 10!

How to apply GLITTER to Nail Polish & Gel Polish – 3 Ways!, by Natasha Lee

Glitter can be a tricky medium, especially when it comes to getting it on your nail polish exactly how you want it. This video by Natasha Lee explains how to get three different glitter looks on your nails (which is perfect for the holidays), whether you are using gel or regular nail polish.

Golden Metallic Makeup Tutorial, by Carli Bybel

The holidays are the perfect time to go for gold. The classic hue allows you to wow, while also warming up your look, and keeps things more on the natural side. Carli Bybel has this great YouTube video that explains, step by step, how to create this shimmery golden metallic makeup look.

Dark Lip Holiday Glam Makeup, by Eman

The end of the year means colder weather, which usually means our cue to delve into deep burgundies, plums, and other darker, richer hues. If you want a bold makeup look for the holidays that is moodier and less cheery, this YouTube how-to will show you how to achieve that dark lip holiday glam effect.