Zoe Saldana Answers the Question ‘Don’t You Want A Girl?’ In the Most Brilliant Way

Family and friends can never be satisfied with how other people live their lives

Family and friends can never be satisfied with how other people live their lives. They’re always (ALWAYS) prying to get you to do something more than what you’re already doing. Let me explain: You’ve ever heard this question before “y el novio?” or “so when are you two getting married?” or “are you pregnant yet?” It’s never ending, and beyond frustrating.

For Zoe Saldana, being a successful actress and entrepreneur, on top of being married and having three adorable little boys, is still not enough for some people. The question she gets asked now is “don’t you want a girl?” Ugh! Because I suppose having three boys to raise isn’t enough.

“It always puzzles us,” Saldana said in an interview with “TODAY.” “We’re a family of five, and then they’re always like ‘Don’t you want a girl?'”

She goes on to discuss that being a mom to three boys is a job in itself and having a girl just for the sake of having a girl isn’t and shouldn’t be an obligation.

“It’s funny because now that I have the three boys, I can’t really picture myself with anything else,” Saldana said on the TV program. “It’s like, we have enough children. Our mission is to raise decent, amazing, compassionate men who will then pick partners — whether they’re females or males — that will pick partners and hopefully I’ll get to have the daughters later (as a grandmother). But I don’t feel like I’m missing out.”

Saldana makes an excellent points on various levels including the issue of over population and the matter of raising boys. One of the biggest issues that our society is barely coming to terms with is how young boys are raised.

In the era of the “Me Too” movement, mothers and fathers have a duty to raise boys right: with compassion, sensitivity, and most importantly to have respect for all human beings.

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