Trans Actress Joins Cast of ‘The Craft’ Remake

When we first reported that there would be a remake of the ’96 classic teen film The Craft, we were ecstatic

Photo: Unsplash/iamzoeyluna

Photo: Unsplash/iamzoeyluna

When we first reported that there would be a remake of the ’96 classic teen film The Craft, we were ecstatic. Then we were even happier when we learned that writer and director Zoe Lister-Jones would make the film diverse. Now, the film has its cast!

According to Deadline, four up-and-coming actresses have been named to star in the movie and they include Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, and Zoey Luna.

We’re especially thrilled about the announcement that Luna will be in the cast because we loved seeing her story the HBO documentary 15 A Quinceanera Story, which showed her life as a transgender actress and activist. Aside from starring in The Craft, Luna will also be in a short film directed by Rosario Dawson. She was also featured in FX’s Pose.

“Told y’all big things were coming,” Luna wrote on Instagram. “It’s an honor to be apart of this masterpiece of a film and to be leading it with the most powerful and brilliant women in the game!”

Luna also told her followers the role she would play in The Craft, and what the inclusion means to her as a trans-Latina.

“I play Lourdes, a trans, Latinx, witch, who’s a Taurus,” she wrote. “Never in my childhood was there any representation of a trans girl who I could relate to so, I guess I had to be my own leader and open the door to positive inclusion. This movie is so much more than a reboot, it’s one step for woman and one giant leap for womankind! @zoelisterjones thank you for believing in me and for creating such a beautiful character I can’t wait to start shooting in October! #thecraft.”

Lister-Jones also posted a picture of the cast announcement and captioned, “In love and we’re only just beginning #letsdothiswitches.”

Fans of The Craft, Latinas, and the trans community expressed their excitement over the casting of Luna.

One fan said, “As a trans woman who once secretly tried to use witchcraft to ‘fix’ herself, this pleases me. Also, always awesome to see more, or even any, trans people, especially trans POC, in big pop culture movies.”

We couldn’t agree more. Congrats, Zoey!

The movie is set to be released next year.

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