10 Badass Latina Mom Influencers That Will Inspire You

Sometimes the world of social media influencers just seems like it’s more and more of the same

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Sometimes the world of social media influencers just seems like it’s more and more of the same. Lots of people trying to make their mark by literally fitting into the same box. There’s lots of great content and inspiration out there, but it can all feel kind of vanilla after a while, especially it seems when it comes to mommy influencers. You might find yourself wading through thousands if not millions of Instagram accounts trying to find someone you can relate to as a mother — someone who has a unique perspective to offer, a colorful and authentic grid, kids the same age as yours, a shared background, etc. Let’s be honest…a lot of us give up before we even reach the tip of the iceberg. But if you keep digging there are lots of Latinx mom influencers being themselves, enriching the lives of other Latinas and Latinx families and representing their cultures with pride and realness. These are some of the Latinx mom influencers that are giving us major inspo lately.wp_*posts

Karim Jones

At first glance, Karim Jones Instagram page looks a lot like what we see from top mommy bloggers, but she has a subtle way of injecting her culture and an attitude of empowerment into everything she shares. Whether it’s a kid project celebrating inspiring women and International Women’s Day or dressing her daughter up in a DIY Frida Kahlo costume for Halloween, Karim is inspiring us modern Latinx moms in America with a natural blending of cultures and values that defines how many of us live our lives.wp_*posts

Vanessa Bell


Creator of the blog desumama.com, Vanessa’s commitment to spreading awareness about the beauties and challenges of being a multiracial family is incredibly inspiring. She encourages family togetherness, cultural exploration, acceptance and self-awareness for black and brown kids and it’s absolutely beautiful to watch along on Instagram as her kids learn and grow. Vanessa and her husband work to ensure that their children embrace their unique identities and it’s just awesome.wp_*posts

Sili Recio

Sili Recio is an Afro-Latinx writer and influencer who is pretty much as woke as you get on the ‘gram. While she shares bits of her life and her experience as a mother to a dynamic daughter, she’s also the author of an upcoming children’s book entitled If Dominican Were a Color and a blogger at SiliRecio.com where she talks about motherhood, her social and political views, her faith, her work and lots more. wp_*posts

Maria Jose Ovalle

Maria Jose Ovalle is an adorable and crazy funny Latinx mommy, actor, and comedian with a super-fun Instagram account that chronicles what it’s like to make it in showbiz, parent her two girls while mostly working from home. Her facial expressions alone make us chuckle, but her real-life stories about auditioning for gigs, introducing her kids to Chilean foods, and other silly mommy moments are a breath of fresh air. She’s like a Latinx Mrs. Maisel!wp_*posts

Claudya Martinez

Claudya’s quirky, curly pink hair is what will draw you in, but her thoughtful, insightful and practical words and opinions on just about everything from parenting to politics is what will keep you coming back for more. She’s funny and cute and honest and always embraces and showcases her Latinx culture and pride in basically everything she does. Plus, her little family is absolutely adorable and a blast to follow along with on Instagram.wp_*posts

Inez Bayardo

As the Latinx single mama to an adorable little boy, Inez Bayardo has a lot to say on a lot of topics. She recently launched the Mocha Mamas podcast where she and her co-host talk about race, color, justice, and social change, but her personal Instagram account is just as thought-provoking and inspiring. Inez is actually a children’s pastor by day, which for many onlookers makes her perspectives on diversity and social justice all the more refreshing.wp_*posts

Crafted by Christine 

A proud girl-mom and crafty gal, Christine shares the cutest shots of her two little girls playing, traveling, crafting and just enjoying life with their mama, and we absolutely love it. Christine actually got her start selling her crafty creations via Etsy, but now she mostly vlogs on YouTube and chronicles her motherhood adventures on Instagram. She also proudly represents her Puerto Rican background and has said how important it is for her to teach her girls about their cultural identity. wp_*posts

La Cooquette

Maria of La Cooquette is a YouTube food vlogger with a huge personality that is absolutely infectious. She speaks and writes in both English and Spanish as she puts on hilarious mini cooking shows during which she prepares everything from Italian pasta dishes and pizza to tacos and croquetas. Though Maria is a mom of two, she doesn’t share too much from her family life, but we can definitely imagine what a fun mom she must be to her two littles.wp_*posts

Bricia Lopez

Bricia is a chef, an entrepreneur and restaurant owner, cookbook author, and all-around badass mama who not only embraces her culture but flaunts it! We love and appreciate that a successful businesswoman isn’t afraid to show the world that she’s also a mother who prioritizes her children and family life. Talk about #goals. She’s just so impressive, but also totally approachable and someone that we would love to grab a drink with and just chat for hours.wp_*posts

Ana Flores

Ana Flores is a powerhouse. She’s a businesswoman and the founder of the We All Grow Latina, an organization that empowers and supports Latina entrepreneurs from all walks of life and hosts a very popular annual summit where said entrepreneurs can learn, connect, network and grow. In fact, she started her career as a blogger/influencer when she launched the now-defunct (though still accessible) blog, Spanglish Baby, where she shared her efforts to raise bilingual children with her readers. True to her roots, Ana shares lots of her experience as the founder of We All Grow Latina on Instagram, but she also shares tidbits from her life as a mom in a really true and authentic way.

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