13 Brands Proudly Shouting Out Chicanx Culture

We are so thankful that today there are several brands that celebrate the awesomeness of being Latinx

Photo: Instagram/mexichiccrafts

Photo: Instagram/mexichiccrafts

We are so thankful that today there are several brands that celebrate the awesomeness of being Latinx. Some are even more specific, shouting out the special things that represent Mexican and Chicano culture. These are products we can wear with pride, with an added bonus of helping our own to succeed in business.

The following 13 POC-owned brands create items with Chicanxs in mind. Now don’t blame us if you decided to spend all your holiday money on them!


Morena and Proud


Founded in San Francisco, Morena and Proud “encourages strong individuals to bring out the colors in themselves.” The brand makes dope Latina-themed hats, Mexico handbags, jewelry, and items created to raise money for charity.


Bella Doña


Bella Doña is a big name among Latinx-centered brands. Started by Lala Romero and Natalia Durazo (Natalia Gold of Honey B Gold), the company creates cholacentric, empowering clothing and accessories, from a L.A. point of view.


Mi Vida

Mi Vida invites you to “live the Chicana lifestyle.” The brand creates cool Selena gear, zarape-print everything, cool clothes for the kids, cool Chicanx candles, and more.


Sew Bonita

Sew Bonita comes from self-proclaimed Corpus Christi chingona, Elena Flores. She creates a variety of cool Frida Kahlo-themed T-shirts, colorful aprons, Chicano tanks, and more. Elena also hosts a podcast, with her husband Gerald (of Taco Gear), called Sew Taco (“Two Side Hustles and a Microphone”).



Helen Vasquez, under the name xoCafecito, creates the cutest pins, hats, mugs, and more. She has products emblazoned with advice we’ve heard (“mejor sola que mal acompañada“), pan dulce-themed items, and an adorable Dia de los Muertos-themed “death before decaf” mug.



You know how cozy and comfortable those San Marcos blankets are, right? Well someone had the genius idea to make them into jackets and coats. That someone is Equihua, who states, “this is not a space for basics.”


Mexichic Crafts

Made in Mexico, and based in East L.A., Mexichic Crafts are “beautifully crafted leather handbags inspired by women and the places where they live and love.” These gorgeous bags are made from recycled leather and tooled using indigenous and European techniques and designs.


Texas Chingona

Texas Chingona celebrates strong women and the Latina lifestyle. You will find products featuring Frida Kahlo, Dia de Los Muertos, papel picado, the state of Texas, and more.


Move in Silence

Designed in West Hollywood, Move in Silence took inspiration for its name from a Lil’ Wayne song: “real G’s move in silence, like lasagna.” The brand started with enamel pins, but has expanded to include cool T-shirts, hoodies, keychains, and candles shouting out pop culture, Chicanx culture, Latino culture, and more.



San Fernando’s PINetration is “para La Raza.” The brand has made pins dedicated to Vick’s Vapor Rub, El Buki, Abuelita hot chocolate, Vicente Fernandez, el paletero, and more.


Lux Rosa


Lux Rosa is a “San Diego west coast brand.” It has pura chola flair, with tees and sweatshirts emblazoned with Old English letters, and references to oldies music, Mi Vida Loca, lowriders, and more. You’ll also find plenty of Selena merch.



Austin-based Somaratx is a “Xicana owned brand para todx POC.” Alma creates cute Latinx T-shirts, luchadora portable chargers, phone cases that say “chisme time,” totes, stickers, bathing suits, and more.


Very That


Cristina M. Martinez is the woman behind the brand Very That. She also co-hosts the podcast Chingona Como MiMadre with Carmen Vidal. Very That makes cute baby clothes, ceramic tiles, stationery, mugs, tees, and more that shout out Chicano and Latino culture.

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