13 Inspiring Life Quotes by Latino Celebs

We all need a little inspiration sometimes

Selena Quintanilla

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We all need a little inspiration sometimes. Encouraging words to help us with the day-to-day, and motivate us to have an epic life. Life quotes from those sharing their knowledge and experience help us, and we emblazon these words on everything from coffee mugs, to notebooks, and framed art.

There’s an added special layer when these words come from fellow Latinos. After all, we are of the same culture, and share some similar experiences. They inspire us by their actions, so when they speak, we listen. These 13 quotes are from Latinx celebs who shared some life gems, and in the process, helped us all out.wp_*posts

Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria is always inspiring and empowering others. This quote highlights the importance of speaking your mind, and being honest, two things that are really important in life.


Gabriel Garcia Marquez

It is never too late to follow your dreams, and writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez captures that perfectly in this quote. Following your bliss will keep you forever young.


Sonia Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor is the first Latino to serve on the Supreme Court, so when she shares knowledge, we take note. It looks like part of her success is due to not living under other people’s expectations, or putting her worth in others’ hands.


George Lopez

George Lopez knows how to share wisdom by also making us laugh. This short and sweet quote reminds all Mexicanos que si se puede!


Danny Trejo

Although he usually plays tough guys in films and movies, Danny Trejo showed his softer side with this sweet quote. He reminds us that whatever positive energy you put out into the world, you’ll get back.


Jimmy Smits

Education is empowering, and gives you advantages and opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise. Jimmy Smits speaks this truth with this quote.


Rita Moreno

Sometimes you need a badass quote that makes you feel invincible. Luckily, the equally badass Rita Moreno gave us one. You are incredible–feel that way!


Rosario Dawson

Rosario is a strong Latina woman, who wants other women to be strong. Her quote is a good reminder that life is about taking some risks.


Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz spent her life inspiring and motivating the world. This quote shows us how to forgive those who have hurt us, so we can experience the happiness she had.


Gloria Estefan


Women are strong, and so resilient. More often than not, we get this strength from our mothers. Gloria Estefan shared the sentiment perfectly in this quote.


Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo continues to be so incredibly inspiring, that a lot of her quotes are seen practically everywhere. She knew how to paint, and describe, the complexities of life. To hear Frida, a woman who endured so much, say that we too can handle what life throws at us, is the ultimate comfort and inspiration.


Jennifer Lopez

By standing up for her own curves, Jennifer Lopez made us feel also beautiful and empowered about our own Latinx figures. When you love and accept yourself, you are opening the door for so many others to do the same. J-Lo’s quote shows that nothing looks better than confidence and self-esteem.




Everything Selena has done or said is gold in our eyes. The girl from Corpus Christi, who went on to be a legend, let’s us know in probably her best-known quote, that your dreams don’t need to have limits.

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