13 Throwback Latinx TV Shows That Brought Us Visibility

Latinx TV Shows HipLatinaRepresentation of Latinos in media is of the utmost importance. Kids should grow up seeing people of their culture, race, and identity on TV screens, and on movie screens. Latinxs should be included in pop culture, in all our forms, and all its forms. By doing this, equality begins to happen in Hollywood, a place where shows have featured a majority of all-white casts for decades and non-Latinos have played us in film after film.

Progress is not just inclusion. It’s seeing Latinos on screen as more than only maids and janitors. As more than only dark-haired, light-skinned actors and characters. To see Latinos as heroes, leaders, trailblazers, the girl next door, the leading man, and anything else we’d like to be. To see several Latinos on one show or in a movie. The following 13 shows gave us the chance to see Latinos on television, making them a major source of orgullo.




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