9 Winter Beauty Trends You Need to Try, Like Now

Winter is approaching fast, but luckily for all of us, these fun and pretty beauty trends will still be carrying over from fall (a lot are from the Fall/Winter runways)

9 Beauty Trends to Try ASAP

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Winter is approaching fast, but luckily for all of us, these fun and pretty beauty trends will still be carrying over from fall (a lot are from the Fall/Winter runways). Haven’t tried these yet, or can’t get enough? Feel free to indulge in these current, and easy to execute, beauty trends.

Purple Highlighter

The magical glow given by highlighters is still a desired look for winter. Purple highlighter has moved to the top of the list of popular options. It gives the glow, but with an otherworldly, galaxy-like futurism.


Colorful Eyeliner

Mastering eyeliner is a badge of honor for some Latinas. Take the look up a notch by adding beautiful doses of color. Try stacking, where you place one line on top of another (using black near the lashes and then another color above it can anchor a bold choice) or just use a brilliant hue alone.


Bold Lips

Lip color is a super easy way to play around with different colors. It’s also a great pick-me-up. Go matchy matchy like RiRi ,or use your lips as an accessory, and focal point, by wearing a bright color while wearing neutrals.



On the flipside of all the bold colors you will be seeing, is the fresh-faced, minimal look. Dewy faces are still in style, and it’s all about looking naturally beautiful and effortless.


’60s Lashes

’60s supermodel Twiggy appeared to be the muse for several Fall 2017 runways, and the look is still a look to try out for winter. You can use false lashes, mascara, or liner to create defined top and bottom lines that look cutesy and retro.



Bangs. They frame the face, draw attention to the eyes, and instantly make you look younger. They were a trend this year, and are slated to become a major thing next year too. There is an option for most hair types and textures, so don’t be scared to give this look a go!


Alternative Winter Nail Color

It’s a given that dark, rich nail polish colors like burgundy and navy, will always be popular for end of the year. Purple falls into this category, but offers something slightly different, for a fresh look. Ultra violet is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2018, so expect to see purples make an appearance in all kinds of makeup, clothing, and more.


All Pink Everything 


Washes of pink on the face also creates a youthful look. The trend is to not just stop at the lips or cheeks, but to also add it to the eyes. The result is soft, pretty, and radiant.


Copper Eyes

Color is a big deal! We are definitely having fun with color lately, and why not, it’s fun, beautiful, and enhances our mood. Another trend that’s out there now is copper (as well as peach) on the eyes. This is a great alternative to the neutrals you usually use, and will really make your eyecolor pop.

Know of a cool makeup trend we should know about? Want us to cover something specific in beauty? Let us know in the comments!

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