Latinx Twitter Appropriately Slammed the 2018 Emmys For Lack of Diversity

We’ve been criticizing Hollywood for their lack of diversity since the beginning of time and it’s like we’re screaming out into the void

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We’ve been criticizing Hollywood for their lack of diversity since the beginning of time and it’s like we’re screaming out into the void. While we already knew that the 2018 Emmys only featured a handful of Latinx actors in supporting roles including Alexis Bledel in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Ricky Martin and Edgar Ramirez in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” and Lin-Manuel Miranda playing himself on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” there’s still so much to be desired. (None of those actors won an award, by the way).

There were also no lead female actresses nominated, despite several of them being on amazing shows including Gina Rodriguez in “Jane The Virgin,” Stephanie Beatriz in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and America Ferrera in “Superstore.” John Leguizamo — who was nominated for Supporting Actor In A Limited Series or Movie for “Waco” but also lost— seemed to be the only one speaking out about this major issue.

While on the red carpet, Leguizamo said: “I think there’s a cultural Apartheid happening…we need Latin executives, Latin CEOs who know how to represent us.” After losing in his category, Leguizamo tweeted: “What can I say? I tried to represent for 20 million Latinxs and I failed! I’m sorry! Underrepresentation is a bitch of a burden!”

In a Teen Vogue op-ed titled “The Emmys 2018 Are More Diverse Than Ever — But Latinx Stories Are Still Missing” writer Isabella Gomez says: “Yes, the Emmys 2018 are doing important work to nominate a more diverse pool of talent. But failing to acknowledge well-rounded Latinx stories in television makes it seem as though our stories aren’t worth listening to. By overlooking the value in these characters and narratives, the Television Academy also sends a message to viewers, especially ones that don’t often get to see stories like their own depicted on screen, that being Latinx isn’t something to take pride in. But Latinx people exist and we are a force to be reckoned with, a group that continues to grow and fights to be represented in television.”

Here’s how Latinx Twitter showed up during last night’s diversity catastrophe.

Ugh! It’s so depressing! We’re not just screaming diversity for the sake of saying the word “diversity.” We’re demanding it because we want to see ourselves represented!! It seems to us that Hollywood doesn’t understand what that ultimately means. So, let us put it clearer terms, in case they’re reading this: not being represented in Hollywood says that we don’t matter and that we don’t exist. So for the love of God, DO SOMETHING TO END WHITE-ONLY IN HOLLYWOOD.

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