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Eva Longoria & Eugenio Derbez Join L.A. Collab Effort to Get Latinxs Hired in Hollywood

Araceli Cruz
On the same day the Oscars announced their #SoWhite nominations, Latinx creatives gathered in Los Angeles to say enough with the all-white Hollywood projects. The most well-known Latinx actors, along with entrepreneurs and L.A. officials, presented a new initiative that...
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Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Broke Box Office Record for Films Starring Black Women

Johanna Ferreira
When I first learned that Jordan Peele — the writer, director, and creative genius behind the movie Get Out — was releasing another psychological thriller this year, I was all in. Peele’s 2017 masterpiece, left so many of us shook....
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Latinx Twitter Appropriately Slammed the 2018 Emmys For Lack of Diversity

Araceli Cruz
We’ve been criticizing Hollywood for their lack of diversity since the beginning of time and it’s like we’re screaming out into the void. While we already knew that the 2018 Emmys only featured a handful of Latinx actors in supporting...

Denise Bidot Gets Real About Latinx Identity and Beauty Diversity

Last week, plus-size model and body positive advocate Denise Bidot walked the runway for the last show of New York Fashion Week. The 32-year-old joined two-time Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, Beauty influencer and YouTuber Jackie Aina, comedian Lilly Singh, and...
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America Ferrera Called Not “Latina Enough” on ‘Superstore’ And It’s Such BS

Irina Gonzalez
On last night’s episode of Superstore, “Local Vendors Day,” there is a side story with America Ferrera’s character Amy, that I think a lot of us Latinx millennials can relate to. She was judged not only by her coworkers but...
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Cardi B & Amara La Negra are Helping Create Black and Brown Unity Through Hip-Hop

Nena Ledezma
It seems that music, specifically hip-hop right now, is ready to embrace and celebrate both Black and Brown cultures equally. Back in his 2011 hit “The Motto,” Drake shouted out Latinas and bachata super group Aventura with his infamous: “Spanish...