Golden Globes 2020: The Boldest and Laziest Fashion Looks of the Night

In life, there are two kinds of people: the boring and the daring

Photo: Unsplash/@vinetlouispictures

Photo: Unsplash/@vinetlouispictures

In life, there are two kinds of people: the boring and the daring. Last night’s 77th Golden Globe Awards proved that statement to be true once again. As far as the winners were concerned, it was the same old performers — except for the extraordinary Awkwafina who made history as the first actor of Asian descent to win in a lead actress film category for her role in The Farewell, and actor Ramy Youssef, the first actor of Egyptian descent, to win for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy, for his title role in Ramy. Everything else was a big yawn. Then there was the fashion. 

Again, the boring was a snore. Actresses Jennifer Aniston, Saoirse Ronan, Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams, Taylor Swift, Rachel Brosnahan, Nicole Kidman, among many more, opted to go for the typical looks such as the strapless, the over-the-shoulder, the princess gown, the pantsuit, and the old school Hollywood glam. 

The daring, however, Billy Porter, Awkwafina, Lucy Boynton, Joey King, Winnie Harlow, Jodie Comer, Kerry Washington, and others, made the show a bit more interesting to watch. They were visions of art. They wore unconventional gowns that made their beauty stand out among a sea of blah. 

As for our Latina entertainers, well, it was a bit more complicated. Because we had so little representation this year — like extremely little — instead of just putting each one in a dull or daring category, we’re giving them their own award because clearly, the Golden Globes won’t. Here are the winners and the looks we didn’t exactly love. Check then out!


Winner of the Best OMG Award: Salma Hayek

Last night, women were either covered up or putting it all out there. Salma Hayek was definitely letting her ladies get some air, and we love her for it. When you have a bosom like Hayek, covering up would be a darn shame and hard to do, actually. Covering up isn’t very comfortable and not always flattering to a curvy figure. So for any of those people who are body shaming Hayek for exposing her cleavage, you have no idea what the daily struggle is like. Boobs have a right to have fun just as much as any other body part. We should also note that Hayek wore Gucci because what else would you wear when your husband owns the company?


Winner of the Best Didn’t I See That Dress Every Year for the Past Ten Years? Award: Sofía Vergara

We get it, Sofía Vergara doesn’t age. She looks the same as she did ten years ago or twenty years ago. To prove that she looks the same, Vergara refuses to change her look. She has never worn an up-do, and she has never worn anything daring on the red carpet ever. She looks hot, this is undeniable, so we suppose her mentality is “why mess with a good thing?” But that method for the red carpet is beyond tiring. It’s simply lazy. 


Winner of the Best I Am My Own Award: Jennifer Lopez

We’re thinking that Jennifer Lopez probably knew she wasn’t going to take home an award for her role in Hustlers,  so she did what anyone in her position would do, she went as the trophy. The actress wore a massive Valentino dress with a gold and green bow that was almost as big as her entire dress. J.Lo made it very clear that she didn’t need a damn award to prove she’s bigger than everyone in the room. Her dress was proof enough. And to tie up the entire look, Lopez made more of a statement with her hot trophy soon-to-be husband. 


Winner of the Best I’ve Finally Made It To Hollywood Award: Ana De Armas

Last night was the first time Ana De Armas had ever attended the Golden Globes, and she was a first time nominee as well for her role in Knives Out. So, like any Hollywood actress in their right mind, she didn’t go over the top with her first big award show fashion moment. She played it cool and simple, and also quite elegant in a black sequined custom gown by Ralph & Russo. Her makeup was impeccable. Her hair was demure, so it definitely made us eager to see what she will bring to the Oscars. We think it will be a tad sexier. 


Winner of the Best He’s Still a Spanish God Award: Antonio Banderas

So, we’re out of Latinas to honor. Yes, only four were on hand. But that doesn’t mean we can’t pay respect to another Spanish-speaking actor. Antonio Banderas attended last night in honor of his nomination for his brilliant work in Pedro Almodóvar’s Pain and Glory. The long-time actor wore a class white tuxedo by Ralph Lauren that screamed: “I am still a Spanish God!” Yes, we believe you, Antonio. We never questioned your abilities to bring it on the red carpet or the big screen for a minute. Thank you, however, for reminding us why we adore you. 

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