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16 Films Featuring Latinx Talent Coming out in 2023

Sofía Aguilar
2022 was a great year for Latinx representation in film! From the record-breaking HBOMax film Father of the Bride starring Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan, to the Black Panther sequel Wakanda Forever that offered unprecedented Indigenous Latinx representation in a...
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Cristela Alonzo to Star in CBS Comedy Produced by Jennifer Lopez

Sofía Aguilar
If you’ve seen the ABC sitcom Cristela, you’ll likely know the name Cristela Alonzo, the first Latina woman to create, produce, write, and star in her own primetime comedy in the U.S. For the first time since the series was canceled...

Latina Illustrator Andrea Campos Talks Working on ‘Con Pollo’ by Jennifer Lopez

Anna Ortega
When she was 18 years old, first-generation Mexican American illustrator Andrea Campos had dreams of going to art school to pursue a creative career. However, when her parents advised her to pursue a “real” career in order to support herself,...
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8 Latinx Friendships that are #BestieGoals for International Friendship Day

Nicole Young
Your mejor amiga is everything to you and can be a lifeline when times get tough and celebs are no different. In honor of International Friendship Day on July 30 we’ve rounded up some of our favorite friendships featuring Latinx...
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Jennifer Lopez to Help Provide $14 Billion in Loans for Latina Entrepreneurs by 2030

Virginia Isaad
We all know Jennifer Lopez as an actress and singer but she’s also a businesswoman including her  skincare line, JLo Beauty and now she’s giving back to help fellow entrepreneurs. She teamed up with Grameen America, a New York City-based...
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‘Marry Me’ Brings New Twist to the Rom-Com Genre

Sofía Aguilar
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Jennifer Lopez has blessed us with Marry Me, the latest rom-com of her decades-long career. The 52-year-old Boricua actress stars as Kat Valdez, a Latina singer still at odds with the huge extent of...
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16 Movies & Shows Featuring Latinx Talent Coming Out in 2022

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
With the news of the cancellation of Gentefied earlier this month, it feels like the year is off to a rocky start for Latinx representation in Hollywood. The show made many of us feel seen and its cancellation after just...