25 Hair Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2020

A new year, a whole new decade, and of course, so many new beauty trends try out

Photo: Instagram/@trinnie_hair

Photo: Instagram/@trinnie_hair

A new year, a whole new decade, and of course, so many new beauty trends try out. We can happily report that there are so many fun looks heading your way in 2020, and this includes fabulous haircuts, chic styling, and eye-catching colors. Sure, we might all be stuck at home right now but there is no reason we can’t start planning our new lewks. In fact, we created a stylish roundup of 25 ideas you’ll want to screenshot and show your hairstylist and colorist right now so you can get a head start on the styles everyone will be rocking once we’re all out and about again.

First stop, the salon! Who’s with us?

Jagged Bob

Beauty looks from the 1990s have been back in vogue for several seasons now. And many of these trends will continue right into 2020. While blunt bobs have been the main go-to choice for hair, a messier, jagged bob will be a popular, trendy option for next year.

The Money Piece

Back in the day, highlights were more obvious, and lighter hair streaks were often seen on either side of the face. This contrasting hair trend, also known as the money piece, is going to be big in 2020. It will instantly brighten and bring attention to your face, where it should be!

Warm Colors

There’s a lot of warmth on the horizon when it comes to hair color trends. Several warm colors and highlight colors make up the overall hair trends for the year. This includes warm blonde colors, such as margarine, honey, and cream soda; browns like mocha, coffee, cold-brew, and chocolate, and punchy reds (sounds like a grocery list!).

Modern Shag/Mullet

Bring on all the retro haircuts (well, the great ones, at least)! We are here for them! The modern shag takes the layered cut from the ’70s and brings it into the 2020s. This style, when done right, will bring the best out of your hair’s natural texture. Curls will bounce, waves will slink, and it will all look effortless and messy–in the best way possible. You can add in blunt bangs, or curtain bangs to add more interest and framing around the eyes. This is meant to be a low-maintenance cut that works with your hair, instead of against it.

Honey Highlights

Honey highlights are classic, but also a trend for 2020. They will warm up the hair without going too light. You will generally see a lot of warm hues trending this autumn, including dazzling copper, bold red, and even several hues at once that are meant to mimic the fall leaves.

The Pixie and Shaved Head

The pixie is another haircut which is a true classic, and redone decade after decade (think Lola Falana and Mia Farrow in the ’60s and ’70s, Halle Berry in the ’90s and beyond, and Zoe Kravitz recently.) It just really puts the spotlight on the eyes and face and highlights a beauty who doesn’t need long hair to feel pretty or feminine. It’s also a major time saver in terms of styling and will keep you cool, and having you look cool when the temperatures rise outside in spring and summer. A longer version of the pixie will also be trending in 2020, as will the shaved head, so you can take the pixie to either extreme!


You will be seeing a lot of ravishing reds in hair color for 2020. This includes various shades like full-on copper and deeper reds, as well as reddish highlights woven into brown hair. The main color idea for the year is warmth, which is a stark contrast to the many seasons where we have been seeing cool, ashy tones.

Rooted Beige/Shadow Roots


Remember when seeing your roots was a major faux pas?! Now it’s cool to have your roots showing! Shadow roots allow your own natural color to blend into another color or colors. Or, you can create new roots in another hue. It’s a trend you’ll see around next year. According to Allure, shadow toning adds natural-looking shadows to the hair, making the transition from your natural roots to the rest of your highlighted hair, more seamless. The result adds depth and dimension to your overall hair color. This also means that you can go months without a touch-up.


Another on-trend color for 2020 is bronde. This is the pretty color that resides in between brown and blonde. It’s great for those who don’t want to subscribe fully to either hue, and do want something new and fresh to try.

Highlights for Curls

Expertly crafted curly haircuts have taken over, and the results have been halo after halo of gorgeous, unrestricted curls that are perfectly cut for that specific person. This means a tailor-made look that compliments facial structure, works best with hair texture, and looks fabulous. The next step, a 2020 trend, is adding in highlights that go a step further and literally highlight the curls in the best way possible, allowing them to truly shine.

Silver Blonde/White Blonde

For those who do want to go blonde and don’t want to subscribe to the warm color trend for 2020, you’re in luck. Icy silver blonde, and a white blonde that shows little to no yellow, will also be in for the new year. This is great for those whose complexion is cool-toned and who want to go radically beyond everyday blonde shades for something edgier.

Long Layers


Maybe you don’t want to get rid of your hair length. An on-trend alternative that will give you more volume and movement are long layers. Your stylist will add these where they make the most difference and improvement, and to help achieve the look you want. Layers we have heard are on-trend include chandelier layers, cascading layers, invisible layers, and shaggy layers.

Padded Headbands

Hair accessories of various kinds will be in vogue for 2020, including pearls, fabric, and padded headbands. These easy to wear items keep your hair out of your face and instantly dress up whatever you’re wearing with it.

A Sleek Ponytail


Another easy to achieve hair look, that is fresh off the Spring and Summer 2020 runways is the sleek, low ponytail. You can let the rest of your hair in the pony down as is, give it a wet look, or wrap it, for different effects.

Chocolate Brown with Caramel Highlights

Two trends that you will see in 2020 is chocolate-hued hair and warm highlights. Putting the two together is this look, a third trend which features a chocolate color with caramel balayage. A third trend for the year is to have the balayage look even more natural than we have seen in previous seasons.


Blame it on the return of all things ’90s,  but 2020 is going to see hair decorated with bows. You can wear them small or huge, or simply create a DIY one with some ribbon. They’re a great way to add some femininity and a polished finishing touch to your both your hairstyles and outfits.

Natural Balayage

Balayage has been in style for a while now, but for 2020, it’s going to look more natural.

The Wet Look


In 2020, the wet hair look will be in style. We have already seen some of this trend this year, and the effect can be sleek, sexy, and/or beachy/curly. Try out different versions to find the best look for you!

Dark Chocolate/Espresso

Chocolate brown is always going to be a hit when it comes to fabulous hair colors. It’s on the darker side, but still has that warmth that many folks look for especially during the colder months.  This classic is also trending for 2019, so why not go lighter, or darker this fall to obtain this sweet hue?!

’70s Hair


Hair from various decades are back in style (including the ’90s of course, and the ’60s), but one that deserves a mention is the 1970s. You will be seeing (and are probably already seeing) curtain bangs, shag haircuts, bowl cuts, and long layers.

Soft Pastels

Pastels have been a hair trend for a while, and they’re going strong for 2020. The look this time around, though, the look is softer. Think soft lilac, whisper pink, and the like.

French Girl Bob

French style is known for being very chic, timeless, and effortless. It is meant to look like you don’t care, when we really do. The French girl bob haircut is a great example of this. It’s an obvious cut, but the messiness and styling is soft, pretty, and just has that je ne sais quoi it factor. There are several different versions you can consider: chin length or longer; straight or wavy; some layers or none; wavy bangs, straight bangs, or none at all. And it’s a style that is easy to change up with your mood; wear it straight one day, or let it do its natural thing on another (if your hair isn’t straight)

Blush Brown

A fun color for brunettes (or anyone for that matter) to try out in 2020 is blush brown. It is a brunette hue with a touch of an unexpected warm blush, right in line with the year’s overall warm hair color trend.


Bangs have had a moment in 2019, and are still going to be on-trend in 2020. Whether they’re curly bangs, blunt bangs, or fringe ones, these face framers tend to automatically make you look younger, add a level of purposeful chic to your pulled-back hairdos, and instantly give you a different look.

Mushroom Brown

Another in-between color you’ll be seeing everywhere for fall is Mushroom Brown. This is a brown that has a big dose of mushroomy grey in it. It’s one of those bronde shades that allows blondes to go a bit darker for fall and brunettes to go a bit lighter.

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