The 2020 Rose Bowl Parade Was All About Inspiring Latinas

The New Year is finally here, and 2020 looks to be a fantastic time for Latinas

The 2020 Rose Bowl Parade Was All About Inspiring Latinas

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The New Year is finally here, and 2020 looks to be a fantastic time for Latinas. This year’s Rose Bowl Parade served as our 3D vision board because everywhere on that parade route was inspiring Latinx talent, and we were so thrilled to be represented in this beloved tradition. The 2020 Rose Bowl Parade Grand Marshal was none other than living icon Rita Morena. Serving as co-Grand Marshals in the California annual parade that takes place in Pasadena was actress Gina Torres and Olympic gymnastic star Laurie Hernandez.

“The 2020 theme is ‘The Power of Hope.’ With hope, we can aspire to do better and inspire others to reach higher; hope never quits; with hope anything, in fact, everything is possible,” President Laura Farber said in a statement earlier this year. “Rita Moreno, Gina Torres, and Laurie Hernandez epitomize hope. Through their talent, efforts, persistence, and dedication, they have achieved excellence and have given back to the world stories of hope, dreams fulfilled, dignity, respect, and inspiration. They have provided el Poder de La Esperanza para todo el mundo!”

People were definitely thrilled to see Moreno lead the parade. We loved even more that our queen was wearing a red cape, tiara, and sunglasses. She was having such a good time, and the spectators loved it!

Hernandez was also beyond herself as co-Grand Marshal. She posted on Instagram, “One of the best New Years ever… co-grand Marshall at the Rose Parade??? Insane. if you would’ve told me this was happening when I was younger, I wouldn’t have believed you.”

Torres was also looking as stunning as ever. The star of Pearson also stood alongside Moreno and Hernandez at the start of the Cotton Bowl game, which took place at the Rose Bowl after the parade.

But these Latinas weren’t the only ones that took center stage and represented the Latinx community with class. Several marching bands were on hand from Latin America, including the Aguiluchos Marching Band from Puebla, Mexico, Grande Como Su Gente from El Salvador, Banda Municipal de Zarcero from Alajuela, Costa Rica. The Centenaria Banda Colegial from the University of Puerto Rico was also there, representing the Latinx community.

One of our favorite parts from the entire parade had to be the closing performance by East Los Angeles legends, Los Lobos. The band performed two songs from the La Bamba soundtrack, including “Come On Let’s Go,” and of course, the title song “La Bamba.” Now that’s a perfect way to kick off 2020!

We will leave you with that performance below. Happy New Year to you all!

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